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Happy Halloween


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Hi Ben....

Just a thought.... it would be cool to have a pumpkin carving contest. Everyone could post a photo of their finished "masterpiece" here, and you can choose or figure out the voting. (Hey..... I got the idea started.... you can figure out the details ;) ) lol!

Ps... Obviously, for next year. It will be cool to see everyone's creativity and, probably, humor!

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Great job! I am not into doing pumpkin carving myself, but I think this one is interesting.


Hi Wayne....

Thank you....

Awesome pumpkin scene!!! I love the creativity that carving can bring. The Food Network had an AWESOME competition (lasted about a month) where there was a Master Pumpkin Carver, Master Chocolatier and Master Cake Decorator on each creating the most amazing pieces, utilizing all three specialties into one great piece. It was so inspiring to watch!

Hi Brian....

Thank you, so much!

I love Halloween. It's cute to watch the little ones' faces light up (or sometimes cry... lol... in a cute way, of course) at the spookiness of it all, yet with all the sweets that they can handle right at their little fingertips! As for the adults.... it's cool to let your hair down for a day; ANYTHING GOES and I say, Go FOR IT! lol

I say roll on spring, too. However, that does mean we have to get through winter.... which already started here!


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