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All the gear no idea (well only a bit) - New Rev


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Hi Everyone, so excited as I have just purchased a new Rev 'toy' and am planning on trying it out this weekend (in the UK so weather permitting). It's a B Series Pro (non vented) with a Race frame so am feeling a bit like a learner driver with a Ferrari but I am sure I'll be OK.

I've flown 2 line kites for years and have a couple of foils that are 4 line (Flexifoil Blade 4.9 and an unknown make 2.1m). Also owned but not really flown a Rev II for about 10 years. I never really got on with the Rev II, always seemed to have more fun with the 2 line Deltas but after visiting the Bristol kite festival this year I was inspired to give it another go. Had a blast but was really blown away by the bigger kites (wanted a Rev I originally but couldn't afford one) so I have taken the plunge. Was going to get a B after reading much on this forum but then saw the Pro on a well known auction site and gave it a go (brand new with genuine reason for sale). A week later and it's in my front room begging to be taken out.

Some observations that maybe you can help me clear up:

a) Weight - it's light ! I don't mean not heavy I mean really really light - I assume this is because the sail is made from some very thin 'crispy' material and the spas are so thin. All rods say 'Race' on them, I assume these are the ones that are basically the weight of 2 wrap but with the strength of 3 ? I am a bit worried how this material will stand up as it is much thinner than anything my other kites are made of.

B) Lines - have had to buy handles and lines separately, much more expensive than I was expecting but here now. I bought 80' but would like to try on 30' as I am off on vacation soon and figure there will be limited space to fly on the beach so short lines would be useful. Can I get by with 're-purposing' some of my 2 line delta lines into short 4's ? my old lines seem much more like string than the nylon stuff I have just bought (lazer).

c) Sale flap - the sale seems to have some 'give' in it, I was expecting it to be quite taught, is this right ? especially noticeable in the center where the 2 triangles meet

I'm working my way through the forum and you tube vids in anticipation for a few hours out tomorrow but any advice on the above or for my first flight appreciated.

Cheers all ....Tim

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Welcome to the forum Griffin! I think I can help with your questions:

a) The sail material is made from some of the best Icarex you can find (so long as its a real B-Pro). This material is used to make racing yacht sails. Don't worry, it should be plenty strong. The Race frame is generally described as you have - weight of the 2 wrap, strength of the 3 wrap. It is a little on the delicate side, so try and be gentle with it, at first, until you are a little more proficient with flying your Rev. You might want to pick up a 3 wrap frame, if you want to take advantage of the full wind-range of your Pro. 3 wrap is also a better frame to learn on (tougher).

B) Go ahead and re-purpose your lines. I wouldn't mix any of the old line with your new line, keep them spepate. If your old line is actually STRING, forget about re-purposing it, and get yourself some more Spectra line (like the Lazer).

c) The sail should be "reasonably" taught. Along the vertical spars, there should be a little wrinkling (some is ok). The "give" where the 2 triangles meet is sewn into the sail on purpose! This helps to keep the wind powering the correct part of the sail.

For your first flight:

1) Read up on line management: http://www.revkites.com/forum/topic/3187-line-winding-with-minimal-twiststangles-iquad-style/

2) Fly on the longer lines first. Everything happens much faster on shorter lines, might make it more difficult for a beginner.

3) Practice the fundamentals first.

Final tip: Enjoy yourself! Don't practice too much, have fun with it!


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Listen to Kent, he's a store owner and knows his stuff!!! One tip I'll give you - If you are going to crash, LET IT!! DON'T PULL!! Give to the kite, walk forwards, all this makes the crash much easier!! Pulling, just drives the kite into the ground even harder!!

PS: sign_welcome.gif to the "Dark Side"!!

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Thanks guys, I managed to get away from work so had an hour with the rev before it got too dark. Used my new lines and didn't crash too much, I'm ok with 4 lines so not too tricky keeping it in the air, accuracy however is different ! Appreciate the advice going to make dome 30' lines tomorrow but will practice with the longer ones for now,

Really pleased so far although a bit inconsistent (can I blame the wind ?)

It was a bit blustery and I am still surprised by how much noise the sail made, much looser than my Rev II

Going out again tomorrow for a 'proper' go, fingers crossed for decent wind and no rain.

I'm about 12 miles north of Bristol (uk) if there is anyone local I'd be keen to know where you fly and meet ?

Good winds to you.

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