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The other day on R/C Groups, there was a nice review of a Revolution kite. In the review there was mention of a Rev Simulator, but not much information about it. I believe it was talking about a physical simulator, as opposed to a software one.


I did a search on the forum and really only came up with a few mentions of any simulator, some for software and a couple of a physical one, but not really much information.

Does anyone have any current information on either kind of simulators? (for the computer or the wall?)

the weather is closing in and I may have to resort to indoor simulator flying for a while.


Fly on.

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There is one physical simulator that I am aware of. It was first used many years ago at a trade show. It was brought back to life about a year or so ago and has randomly appeared at trade shows and kite festivals. You should contact Revolution directly for more information.

There has been in the past simulator software to run on the PC. One software I recall was developed at a University in Germany back in the early 90s. There may be other since them, however I am not aware of them.

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