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Hello to one and all!

When I retired just over a year ago I took up kite flying to help in keeping active in old age starting with foils,

small ones at my age!

The first one I had was an absolute failure and it was a Rev flier who came and gave me advice, which was to scrap it, sorted!

I then purchased dual line foils from reputable manufactures and for the last year or so I have had a good deal of pleasure flying them and have been able to assist a few novice foil fliers solve their problems and get airborne!

I tried other types, quad line power, dual line stunt kites, none of which really worked for me, then I spotted an EXP on ebay, won that and here I am! now what do I do?

Go on line, learn whatever you can, join the forum, and I found Rev fliers who meet at Dunstable Downs on Sundays and thanks to the tips I received from all there I now find that the ground is further down than it used to be!

My thanks also go to DAZLARSEN for the Rev 1 via ebay!

My local flying site is Bunkers Park near Leverstock Green, Hemel Hempstead, the nearest post code is HP3 8SW

with the car park about 1000 ft north west of that point with access down the white (very bumpy) track if you look on Google maps. I fly there, weather and wind permitting, whenever I get the chance but usually solo!

I have a lot to learn but it is difficult teaching old dogs!

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Hello oapbillf-

Welcome to the Rev Family.

I think you've made a good choice! It doesn't matter your age; it's all about just wanting to fly and have fun. In time, the skills will come, so keep at it!

I do recommend that you meet up with the great flyers that are close by. The learning curves speeds up BIG TIME when you fly with others.

If you have questions along the way, feel free to ask here. Everyone is always eager to share their knowledge and experiences. Also, read, read, read. There's tons of info in the previous threads and it really does help to have some background on all the "stuff-Revs"; even if it hasn't quite reached your hands yet.

One other thing, take the crashes and "stumbles" in stride. The control will come. As you've already said, "the ground is further down than it used to be".

Have fun.

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sign_welcome.gif Don't worry about the age thing, just work at being the best Rev pilot you can be!!! I've survived numerous medical issues and haven't found anything like flying to give me the joy of life again!! I call it "Wind Therapy"!! Feel free to ask any question and visit others that fly, we're all in this together!!kid_devlish.gif
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Hello mate

Glad your happy with the rev 1,if you are up for a drive come to holland on sea(near clacton)we fly every Sunday,and there is usually 4 or more flyers there who will give you a hand.We are normally there around 9am and stay till we can't fly no more.If your interested pm me and I will give you some more details

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