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The Emperors New Clothes?


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The three W's of my kiting (Wind, Work and Wife) have all been working in unison over the past few days and I have had some cracking flights.

I took delivery of a mid-vent "Night" late last week and have had several hours on it in good, if blustery and direction-shifting, winds over the past 3 or 4 days.

Boy, everything you say about vents smoothing out the bumps is sooo true! (And the "Night" is a fantastic looking sail to boot).

These have been the first few times I have been able to fly in decent winds yet I felt so much in control and at times of lulls was flying in winds that I am sure where lower than those that I have attempted to keep my (preloved) full sail up in.

I have been able (of a fashion) to hover and fly in reverse (although stopping the sail from either inverting or turning "inside out" is a challenge yet to be mastered). Got the up and down bit, got up to about 45 degrees off okay, but anything over (under?) that requires a lot more practise. Dive stops are so much smoother and controlled.

So, is this a case of the emperors new clothes, or a step up on my abilities (bolstered by the magical properties of venting)?

I am so wanting a 120' line set now - I am sure that having cut my teeth on the standard 85', the move to 120' will give me a greater and more forgiving window to continue my practice and improvement, but I feel progress is being made.

One for the UK flyers in the main - Am I likely to get a LPG 120' line set at Portsmouth at the end of the month? I've never been before so don't know the quantity/quality of trade stands to expect.

Looking forward to putting some faces to names there.

Cheers all.

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Awesome, I am glad that you are enjoying your new Night Midvent. I don't think it is all new clothes, more that all three of your "W's" are working together. In epic conditions, everything is better. The Mid Vent is a awesome kite to fly, especially if the winds are right for it. Looks like everything is starting to come together, it only gets better from there.

Oh, and you may want to try out a Night! Full Vented. (he he he)

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Thanks Kent - For anyone who complains about the "boring" nature of Rev designs, they need to look no further than the Night for a vibrate colour scheme. And you know my views on matching sails - Watch this space kid_content.gif

I also noticed much less TE flutter despite the strong winds/gusts. As I didn't change the top leaders, I put this down to two things - the new and crisp sail and the fact that I just didn't seem to have to "drive" it as much as the full sail. Time I thought about letting them out another notch methinks.

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I have never bought a quad line set at Portsmouth or Bristol, however have bought some bulk line and made my own up.

There are normally quite a few stalls at both fests, Kiteworld and Highwayman both have Revs, if you get in touch with Kiteworld they will make sure they bring linsets with them. Do remind them a couple of times though as they are very busy.

The least you will be able to do is try a set out in the Rev arena.

Aso you have a god group of fliers in the Hamsphire Hoverers, think it is Stokes Bay they tend to fly at. Drop Jonesey a pm he should be able to let you know when they fly.

Good luck, hope to meet you a Porsmouth.

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Thanks Baloo,

Have flown once with Jonesy, Sailor et al prior to geting my first sail back in June. I am self employed and have worked at lot (most) weekends since then so haven't been able to get down there since for some on-the-field assistance.

I have emailed Kiteworld, but will give them a ring in the next few days to ask them to bring some with them and put my name on them (and maybe some RRs smile.gif )

Looking forward to meeting a number of "names" at Portsmouth.

See you there, cheers.

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