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To Buy or Not to Buy????

Guest plod38

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Guest plod38

A bit or pre info

I haven't been out and flown much this year

Early in the year at the weekends there wasn't hardly any wind

Then we had a new bathroom, and I spent every weekend leading up to fitting prepping

Then I was on re papering the bedroom

I was hoping to get out and do a lot more flying whilst on holiday but it just didn't work out with location and weather

SO basically not done hardly any flying

Now, there is a used Rev 1 up for sale and it also comes with a race rod set as well

The urge to purchase revs was strong when I first got into them late last year and bought five, but since xmas all i've bought is a rev bag

I ain't earning a lot at the mo, but I keep looking at this rev 1

It keeps calling to me

I mentioned it to the wife and said is it too early to buy an xmas prezzie - she said no, but I guess you'd want it early? I said no, id wait,

I guess it is because it seems a good bargain, as I could potentially get it for not much more than the cost of the race rod set

Do I really need a Rev 1?

Am I wanting it, because it's a rev I don't already own?

As such would I be buying it for the sake of it?

As I haven't been out much, am I wasting the very little money I have?

Ahhh, choices choices

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I'd say sort out your priorities first.

So, if you're like me, and most others here, the flying the Rev is way up high on that list of priorities. However, you have quite the collection already, so flying shouldn't be a problem....

No, you don't really need a Rev 1.....

Yes, you want it because you don't already have one.....

No, you wouldn't be buying it just for the sake of buying it, especially if you continue flying.....

Yes, if you haven't been out flying much lately, you would be wasting your money.

I have to say, if I really want to do something, doesn't much matter what, I make it happen. The Rev has to share time with chores, work, girlfriend, family, eating, sleeping, etc. but I make sure I'm out to fly as often as possible, almost everyday, no matter what, because my mind just can't let the thought go until I've actually gone out to fly!!

If you've been putting off flying for other things, and if you're not rich, maybe you just need to get re-acquainted with you're existing collection ;)

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Guest plod38

If you've been putting off flying for other things, and if you're not rich, maybe you just need to get re-acquainted with you're existing collection ;)

That's a very good point :matrix:

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Looking at your current inventory, that might be a good idea!!! Unless you teach and use the SLE for that, replacing it with the Rev 1 would work!! Be advised - it flies a lot differently than your 1.5s!!! kid_devlish.gif I have one - the oldest Rev in my collection - A bit slower, more graceful, easy to over control if you use the same inputs that work on the 1.5s!! But it is a great fly!!smile.gif

PS: Watch the wind - that wing is so big, don't overstress the race rods!!

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Just thought

I have a 1.5SLE that I don't use

Maybe if I bought the rev1 and sell the SLE it would cost me hardly anything - mmmm

I agree with SV, that would be the way to get it done!

There are a few sites to help you sell your used kite, you might want to check out kitebookie.com! ;) Its a newer site, I like the format.

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I have quite a few Rev's and fly them much less than I ought to.

However I just love a Rev 1 Race set up on 50ft lines with that nice gentle wind, it is bliss.

I say, buy the Rev 1, I am sure you will love it, for different reasons from the 1,5's and consider selling the SLE.

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