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First Flight


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Could not wait for the winds get inland and decided to drive to the Sunset Beach!

What a blast! Stayed for three hours, before going to work. Did mostly takeoffs and landings, figure eights, spirals and mostly intentional inverted landings and takeoffs.

Did walk of shame twice within that time. Once I pulled the brake to hard (I think) and kite just fell of the sky. Second time, somehow one of the

bottom lines wrapped around the corner and that got the kite in the uncontrolled spiral.

Couple pics from today session:



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Awesome pics!

Sounds like you're progressing nicely ;)

I must say I'm jealous of where you're flying - readily available indoor space, and the beach??!! You must be near kiting nirvana :)

You might already know this from watching your B-Series vid - when your line wraps around one of the bottom tips, you can clear it by giving that brake line a hard pop, even if you're mid-flight. Of course, you have to be pretty quick with this as your Rev will be hard to control with a tip wrapped, and will probably be spinning wildly towards the earth.

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