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Lost a small rubber bit - not sure what its called


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Hi guys

Was flying my SLE yesterday evening (rather watching son - and now wife who is muscling in) and I have lost a small rubber ring type thing that connects one of the strut caps (according to manual that's what it's called) to the leading edge - so that shaft now extends beyond the leading edge by a centimetre.

Apologies for the dodgy terminology I'm using - is it ok to fix this by tying (currently botched it just to keep flying) it or if not - where do I find these things?

Cheers all

Jon :-)

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Sounds like you lost a washer that keeps the bunji cord secured behind the sail! Most kite stores will have replacements, if that fails, use any washer (plumbing dept.) that's the same size!!kid_devlish.gif

Brilliant - thanks buddy I'll do just that :-)

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My source of spares for a repair kit includes:

Trying to make out which rubber ring you're talking about here, as suggested already.

It could be one of those little rubber rings that stops the knot on the bungee cords from pulling through the sail.

Plastic cup washers - size M4.

But I'd be more inclined to think you might be talking about ....(since you mentioned you've an SLE) the end cap rubber ring (circled in pink)

3/8" tap washers - centre hole opened up.

Or since you mentioned the LE it could be that vinyl bit that fits over the connector (circled in red)

Rev spares available "Rev end caps - sandproof" - basically the same as the standard endcap but with the silicone rubber (?) sleeve. In packs of 2 with replacement bungee cord lengths. But its less likely that this would come off accidentally without a fair bit of persuasion!

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We will be ordering in some of these washers as we have another customer who is asking for them. It is the small rubber washer that holds the bungee cords together on the back side of the sail. It is not pictured in the pictures above and isn't included in the end cap kits.

For a very quick (on field) fix, just use a zip tie around the two bungee cord ends.

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Sounds like the washer for the elastics to me. They split under 'high stress', like a beginner who likes to accelerate into the ground in a good wind.

I just used a tap washer to fix mine. Tying the elastic together as a quick fix works fine, but you may need some small pliers as it can be a bit tricky.

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As Wayne, Andy & Kent, have suggested, could be that rear bungee washer too ...but am not sure that they have a tendency to just drop off like so.

My money is on the 'SLE' rubber endies (circled in pink) huh.gif

BTW edit above .jpg to include its location (circled in green)


Chris you are so wonderful, pretty handy with a camera and stuff too.

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