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Selling a couple of my Rev's


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I'm planning on selling two of my Revs and some extra lines and handles.

I'm not getting all that much Rev action these days due to having gone to the darker side of.... kite buggying! <gasp!>

Can I post my goodies for sale on the Rev forum or is that a no-no?



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I'm getting quite a few PM's about this so I'll add the details here for efficiency's sake.

It started with the dark side which lead to the darker side... power kites have taken over and kite buggying has got a firm grip on my kite life now. The Rev's are very unhappy and have been lobbying for a new home; they want some air time!

Prices are in Cdn, do not include shipping and can be paid with paypal.

Kites and gear is barely used and is in very good shape

B Series - Night - Standard - with 3 wrap frameset and 2 wrap frameset and storage bag - $190

1.5 SLE - Full Vent - Purple and White - 4 wrap frameset and storage bag - $125

Travel Frame - $65

Stock 13" stainless handles - $25


90lbs x 85 $30

90lbs x 50 $28 laserpro gold

90 lbs x 30 $25 laserpro gold

Contact me by email for more details and photos:

[email protected]



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