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Just ordered a 1.5 SLE have I done the right thing?



Hi guys

This is my first post so please excuse my obvious naivety when it comes to Revs.

Basically I have been forced to give up power kiting due to a very dodgy ankle - so my Peter Lynn Twister 2 5.6 is being sensibly retired.

So I was out with my son flying his stunt kite last weekend and we met a cool guy who showed us his Rev in action and gave us a demo and explained all about it. We were amazed - I've never seen anything like it! Anyway - you know the rest - I looked around (probably not enough) and ordered a 1.5 SLE the other day - in a desperate rush to get my hands on one before the coming weekend.

Now I guess I'm just looking for reassurance - as I see everyone in the forum praising the B series and thinking maybe I should have gone for that instead?

I'll probably have a full quiver by the end of the year - but meanwhile do you guys reckon that the 1.5 SLE is a reasonable first time Rev?

Thanks in advance for any reassurance

Jon :-)

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Lift off!!

Managed to sneak up to the downs this afternoon for an hour for the inaugural flight!

It was far too windy and gusty! Iphone said 18 mph! Despite this I was desparate to have a go - you know what it's like!

So I staked the handles - and set up the kite - that was an achievement in itself (I watched the video beforehand and some vids online)

I was so delighted at this achievement - anyone watching would think I could fly!

Anyway - take off - straight up and slowly lower - actually landed! Woohoo

Take off two

agghhhh - spin out of control but managed to land then flip over (as I learned in a video) and take off again - Kite's got a mind of its own!!

However the combination of my lack of skill and the wind meant that was it!

I quit while I was ahead - blimey I have a lot to learn! You guys make this look way to easy!!!!

Now I know why you all have so many kites!!

But I have learned the art of set up and packing up!

Gotta start somewhere I guess - it was an incredibly exhilirating and terrifying 2 minutes!!

Back to Dunstable Downs tomorrow it is then - wind looking tamer! Will look to the experts for guidance :-)

Can't wait!

Cheers, Jon :-)

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If you can set up and pack up, you can fly anytime there's wind. Who could ask for more?

If your kite seemed to change behavior between the first launch and the second, check your lines for length. You might have stretched one line more than the others in the first gusty flight. Find a place where you can stretch them out and compare the lengths. They should all be the same, within a quarter inch or so (6mm). (You can judge whether you have the same tension on the lines as you compare them by checking to see if the have the same 'sag' as you compare the lengths.) If one or more is longer than the others, you need to do something about it.

I have heard the the proper pre-stretch is 1/2 the rated line strength. So, if you have 90# lines, you need to pull each line at 45# (about 20 kilos) for ten or twenty seconds. Then compare the line lengths. They should all be (nearly) the same length. If they are not, you need to re-tie the loop at the end of the different line(s).

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Hi Jon, glad you found a buzz with Rev flying... And as others have said, the SLE will serve you just fine. :)

One item though, as I don't see it mentioned anywhere else in this topic...

The B-Series comes with adjustable leaders (extensions) on the top of the handles, which allow you to adjust the default pitch of the kite (forward/reverse).

The SLE does not, but we're talking about $1.00 worth of string so it's a breeze to make some yourself.

Here are some topics which will be VERY useful:




And as Madquad mentioned earlier, learnkites.com is a solid resource with 16 tutorials on a variety of subjects.

Some require a Kitelife subscription to download, but the others (free) will give you a taste of whether or not they'll work for you.

Fly on, have fun, tell us all about it! :)

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Thanks to everybody in the forum for their great advice and words of wisdom! :-)

And a big big thank you to the guys at Dunstable Downstoday for your guidance including Keith for the very kind loan of his Vented Rev for a couple of hours!

The winds today would have been a bit too much for my unvented SLE

I had an amazing time and the guys advanced my learning by many weeks I should think. Definitely the best advice - to find other Rev fliers to learn from :-)

I'm now confident enough to go flying my Rev and safely set up, take off and land correctly and try some of the basics without going into a spin!

Absolutely brilliant time!!! Can't wait to go again!

Thanks again guys

Jon :-)

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We were very impressed (and a little envious) of your quick progress. A set of 120' lines and a little more practice and you can join in the line tangling/team crashing with us.

Thank you Jason - that's very kind of you! I had an absolutely amazing time and I attribute my rapid early progress to my 4 fantastic tutors! Without you guys I guarantee I'd have spent the afternoon spinning out of control!

I'm going to order those 120' lines and a vented Rev (fathers day) this week and maybe one day after some considerable practice I can possibly join you guys!!

Thanks again and see you next week!!

Jon :-)

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