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New to rev flying


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Helllo, Im chris from lansing MI, I have just purchased my first Rev. a b series night. I have been a active sport kite flyer and traction kiter for the last 2 yrs and in Nov. I occured a spinal injury that has pretty much stopped my active flying. A couple of weekends ago. My wife and I were at the Great lakes Kite Festival and I was able to try a B-series vented in major wind on that sunday it had hardly any pull and i learned i could fly with out jolting my back around. I thank Revolution for creating such wonderful kites that allow people who love this sport to continue to fly even if they are impaired. Also thanks to Iquad for showing these awsome kites at the festival.

Thank you,


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I've learned to manage my back since I wrecked it over 50 years ago (lifting a car out of a snowdrift - audible crunch). No serious problems for nearly two decades now. (One 5mg Valium - muscle relaxant - and 3 Ibuprofen at the first sign of tightening-up/spasms and GET OFF IT {bed or good fitting chair} for at least two hours.)

Kiting rarely bothered it and may have helped with strengthening the back muscles to avoid future problems.

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My son and I recently started Rev flying as well. We are over in Northville. I'd be up for meeting halfway if you want to fly sometime (Brighton? Howell?). By the way, there is the Lyon Kite Festival this weekend in the Milford/South Lyon area if you are interested. I believe it is hosted by Jon Trennepohl, so it will be heavy in dual line sport kite flying. He typically does a very good job with these events though. We are planning on attending. Let me know if you want to go and I'll find a way meet you.



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