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Dunstable Kite Festival (UK)


Dunstable Kite Festival - Will you be there?  

10 members have voted

  1. 1. Will you be coming along to the festival?

    • Oh yes!!
    • Hope to come / Maybe
    • Not this time
  2. 2. Which day(s) might you be up for a MegaTeam?

    • Saturday
    • Sunday
    • Neither - but will be there
    • Not attending

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Located on the Dunstable Downs (near Luton / Dunstable), this year's kite festival spans the weekend of 16-17 July with a full performance programme. Limited camping facilities are available nearby (contact the Chiltern Gateway Centre for more details). It would not be unreasonable to anticipate a Megateam opportunity for Rev fliers present each day!

Festival website - www.dunstablekitefestival.co.uk

So - who's up for it??

Nearest SatNav postcode: LU6 2NB

kitemap.org location listing

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I like the design of this poll. It would be a nice format for any festival/gathering.

However, I was unable to 'vote' as it requires a response in all sections. Since I said I was unable to come, it made no sense to check either day in the second section.

It needs to either accept no check mark in the second section, or there needs to be a "Neither Day" or "Not Coming" choice.

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Should be there both days and have some 120's by then too. So, if you need someone to take out every member of a mega fly....kid_devlish.gif

Hey Jason, don't worry if you don't have lines we'll have some spare.

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You got plenty of fliers for him to take out??!??confused_1.gifkid_devlish.gif

Lets hope so, it'll divert attention from me taking everyone out !!!

My favourite line at Portsmouth...

Me to Susan of TFS.

"Look at that idiot flying the Orange Decs kites !!"

2 hours later at Dinner.

Susan to Me.

"I didn't like to mention YOU were flying the Oranges Decs kite."

Oh well :blue-grin: DOH !!!

Actually Jason is a good Rev flyer, he's flying up at Dunstable on a regular basis with The Flying Squad & the likes of Stone in Shoe, Andelscott etc.

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Oooo, thank you! (are you sure you are talking about the right persontongue.gif)

Had a great afternoon today after a poor morning start. The wind was very strong, about 20mph gusting to 40+ at times I think. I got there just before 11 and no kites in the sky at all. Bumped into Derek after about 20 mins and Graham turned up shortly after.

Unfortunately, in my eagerness to get my little rev II out, I didn't check the LE was seated properly and experienced it's failure about 0.25 seconds after launch. Luckily Gary very kindly lent me a teabag and Keith a set of 120' lines. Fantastic afternoon was had and some very good tuition for us numpties by Gary. Thankyou all.

Many casualties at Dunstable today. The chap with a top end HQ who was warned it would break who then proceeded to launch and BANG, ball of washing on the end of his lines. Derek's full vent succumbed to the sharpness of spectra in strong winds with a cut through one of the outer panels, hope that can be repaired!

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