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What do you do when you aren't flying?

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Couldn't fly for the last few days :(

I'm on the PlayStation Network under the id: BabyNeedShoes.

I'm a racing game fan, and I really like the new "creation" genre of games. I'm no good at first-person shooter games, but I'm trying.... Look me up and add me as a friend if you like!

Good smoothie recipe, perfect for when you're through with flying (or trying to get over being sick):

1 cup juice - 1 cup frozen yogurt or sherbert - 1/2 cup mango or banana (keeps it a good consistency) - 1 cup frozen fruit - 5 ice cubes.


1 cup orange juice

1 cup vanilla frozen yogurt

1/2 cup banana

1 cup frozen strawberry/mango/pineapple/peach blend (Walmart Great Value brand)

5 ice cubes

Blend until smooth! Makes 32 oz. which is about 450 calories, so share with someone, or don't wink.gif

Everything "tech-y" for sale, and some other things that aren't, is found cheaper at bensbargains.net

Recently, I've saved over $70 on pre-order video games, over $100 on a pair of headphones, and more...

People from all over search the web for deals, then post them at this site. I'm sure there are plenty of sites like this........

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I'll add mine here :)

So living on an Island (surrounded by sea obviously lol) Scuba when on some parts of the Island, Surfing when waves are great and Photography :)

I sometime pack all the kites and unpack my gears for a nice sunset or anything that might do a nice photograph.

But sitting on the beach with my girlfriend and watching a sunset together after flying is my favorite hobby kid_loved.gif

Those interested, you can check out my little portfolio here. Still small as no much time processing my photos since kite addiction took much of my free time lol

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When I'm not flying you can usually find me flying!!!!!

Some people commute to work by car, some people commute to work by plane; that's me.

I always carry a travel frame, 2 kites and some lines so even when I'm not flying and I am flying, I can fly.

I guess what I'm saying is....I'm always flying.................

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I can relate to the "too many hobbies" thing. Many have fallen by the wayside due to cost, but kites and astronomy don't cost anything once you have some equipment. I also enjoy mountain biking, rc flying and cars, fishing and canoeing (often together) motorcycling and shooting. Used to race motorcycles (roadracing) but that put me in debt. I tend to go on "binges" in my hobbies since I don't have enough time to keep up with all of them all the time. Kites and astronomy don't cost anything but time, so they stay with me...plus they're weather dependent so you have to take advantage where you can.

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Hobbies.... Creating new stained glass, restauration of excisting windows with damage, walking the dog and all sort of kite related activities like working on the next level of the jst-4- fn team standard, ideas how to promote 4-line kite flying, set up a website with some friends in the dutch language to give new people a one point access to valuable excisting kite information .....jst-4-fn

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