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There once was a man from Vancouver

Who'd demonstrate a customary maneuver

To celebrate his birthday in a rather typical way

He'd read these cyber-messages by liquid crystal display!

WINDerFULL birthDAY Wishes, Cyber-spankings, and Hugs to You! lips.gif

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:-) You guys all rock! Nicely, the birthday was spent in the company of Rich Comras too, he's out in BC on some work, so we've had a great time the last few days. And all of you out there in the land of revs, what a truly great bunch of people.

Lolly is right, she's been there for me for many years now, back in 97 when we first met and I spent MANY summers at WSIKF teaching people all day long how to fly revs. And it was Lolly who was always encouraging to try and go further with things. And at the same time, Penny Lingenfelter did much the same, always encouraging me, and always flying the Rev flag for all to see.

And, some dude named John came along a bit later too, he's had something to do with it I suspect too.

But, in the end, the result is that I know fantastic people around the world now, rev flyers and other kite flyers and I think of you all as extended family and the birthday wishes here and the deluge on facebook kept a smile on my face all day long. Thanks for that and I look forward to seeing many of you soon!

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