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Group Fly in Liberty State Park


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Thank You all for a wonderful afternoon of flying...I needed that. I had figured it would be the usual rag tag bunch...Somehow we ended up with 9 flyers on the line.

A good time was had by all.

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Mel, you had just missed Steve before you got there. Thx for coming all that way to fly with us today!!!!!

As Steve said, it was a tremendous day of flying. We had a spontaneous group of 9 out ther for awhile. Winds were as shifty as the group flying it!!!!!

We did a couple extra turns in the sky in honor of our friends in DC who had the Cherry Blossom festival cancelled as the last moment. I had half expected that maybe they wouldve come north to fly with us. oh well.

It was a killer time nonetheless!

Thx to Big Al's wife, Aleta, for the decadent homemade Chocolate brownies and to LB for the custom frosted Rev cake!

Definitely a great way to kick off National Kite Month and the spring kiting season as well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Both Andrew and Laura snapped some photos that I'm sure will find their way here soon.

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It truly was a great day!! Happy B'Day, RC.

Mel, it was great seeing you and Toby. What happened to Laurel and Scott?

Here are a some photos of the real star of the day. This little guy, Christian, just turned 3 last month. Without any hesitation, he came over and started tugging on Rich's handle. After some SERIOUS flying, Christian wanted to get "up close and personal" with the kite he just flew!






post-2058-1301327795_thumb.jpg .... and then he was done, as he "charged" straight ahead. We all paved the way as we raised up for him.blue_wink.gif

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I know the first string is in Louisiana, but it might be fun to fly. I would be up for Sunday in Belmar, SandyHook or LSP. Left to my own devices I might take my kids to the hook. Colin has some interest.

I will 90% be at belmar sunday if the weather is nice to run! so flying is good for me at the beach! wont be there all day and not sure when i will leave so idk

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