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First video of the B2!


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So, as far as the B2 goes, do you get another frameset as you do with the 1.5 B-series and also excuse my ignorance but is the leading edge in two or three piece on the RevII ?!

The B2 is packaged like a standard B -- both two and three wrap frames. The frames are of the new three piece frames. And, as usual, your retailer can order varying framesets at higher cost. I ordered my B2 from The Kite Shoppe with a race and a 3-wrap frame.

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Ok, get out of town, John !

How can you possibly make that look so simple.

Must be a slow Rev II, because mine seems to be much faster than that, and usually, it's heading south, at a high rate of speed.

Just kidding.............fantastic video, as usual.

Curious as to what handles you were using - Standard 13" B-series or the short Rev II handles ?

Thanks for all you do ! blue_confused.gif

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Always a sunny spot in the day, eh pudsli? :)


Just saying, as you're a veteran flier, I'd love to see you contribute some tips or encouragement in addition to the pokes you're entitled to.

No offense intended, just finally speaking my mind and calling it like I see it, same as you. ;)

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Hi John.

fair play to you, not flown in a while.

to much bull£$it involved.

at the end of the day everyone to there own, at the end of the day it's a rev.

as we all know from post's on other forums, rev hold the monopoly on 4 line kites with there patent.

that is why they sell like they do.

have a good one.

all the best pudsli.

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I picked up a standard and full vent in San Diego, and I really enjoyed them. Flew both on 50' lines. I've tried some of the speed/power options (aka Supersonic) and found them less pliable and maneuverable, even though they move faster, stop more suddenly etc.

With the B2 you get some of the same fast fun but with most of the finesse and slack-line fun of the 1.5s. They are *very* sensitive to steering inputs, so that first ascent after a larger kite can feel like an angry bobcat on a leash. I particularly enjoyed the full vent in a 15-18 mph wind off Fiesta Island I could move really fast and clean, but still do some floating and slack-line stuff. This is a really portable way to have some good fun.

The kite count ascends...

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This is (mostly) what I was hoping to hear ...

My full sail and full vents are now in the country, just waiting for them to clear customs and make it down from Johannesburg to Durban for collection. Aside from the usual addiction reasons, I'm hoping it's a speed machine that controls like a 1.5 platform. My girlfriend hasn't really clicked with the Blast (I love it) because you need to fly it a litte different to the B's she's used to flying. The speed isn't a problem, we both love speed and have Prism Microns for testing our reflexes :)

I'm hoping the B2 is a quick little critter, but with the controls of the 1.5 platform she's used to. As for the sensitivity, as long as she's not flipping the tips over on the revers controls she won't mind any over control while she adjusts to it. I'm fine with adapting to different platforms, but I do get more flight time than her.

Thanks for the news, I'll add my $0.02 in once we've both had some flight time.

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