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Want to do a good deed for a little girl???


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Our neighbors have taken in a foster child who up until now has had an incredibly unstable life. She has moved 20 times in 3 years, each time leaving behind any personal items she had. The girl is kin to them, but they had no legal grounds to help beyond offering. The opportunity to take in this little girl arose when the state took her away from her Meth addicted abusive parents.

At one time she had a collection of Snow Globes that her Grandparents, who were truck drivers, bought her on their travels. This was one of the things left behind one of the many times her parents were evicted for not paying the rent.

Here's where the Good Deed comes in. We thought it would be fun and healthy for her to find out that there are good people in the world, and you can help by sending her a Snow Globe this winter.

If you are so inclined, send your package to:

Lilly c/o

Robert & Jennifer Campbell

318 Ray Simerly Road

Hampton, TN 37658

Happy holidays, and Thanks a bunch,

Melanie and Scott

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Thanks, Kent!! I am so excited for her to have her first happy Christmas!!

There have been two others that have told me that they are sending snow globes.

If anyone else out there can find it in your heart to send her something than you too can contribute to the Holiday Magic. I have my hopes up that she will get 10 or 12. Scott promises to build her a pretty wooden shelf to display them on!!

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Christmas is a magical time and as such Santa appeared here at Revolution and handed me an envelope and I will go to Target and will make sure this little

one has a " Merry Christmas " a special thanks to all the Revolution staff and even the book keeper for helping me make this happen for those in need.....blue_cool.gif

Little one remember this is a strange world but not all are bad, we the " Rev Family " send our love and prayers and wish you a Merry Christmas.... Benblue_inlove.gif

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Thanks to everybody who sent stuff to Lilly. She was very excited just to be getting mail at all.


Here's Lilly in her new loving home with a fine start to her new snow globe collection (and 2 new kites as well).


fresh out of the box from Laura new PJ's and a snowglobe with her name on it (Lilly's name, not Laura's)


Antman wanted to give her a kite, and when he heard about her cousin who might be feeling left out, he sent two

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