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Introduction & 4th rev buying

Guest plod38

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you can use any kind of quad handles,

longer throws work well in low wind conditions,

but can be brutally uncomfortable in big wind (on your wrists ~ you're actually fighting all the leverage they offer)

I'd say they conservatively lower the wind range of a kite by a couple miles per hour, just this one change! It's the first thing to alter, after switching out the frame members to your lightest.

Remember longer handles have more weight though, that mass needs to be manipulated by you, suddenly on occasion!,... so light weight, longer throw handles are a further advantage. Some folks use the Rev indoor handles to great effect. I find they can't take all my flailing, that eventually the leader line is pulled thru the tube's liner.

I've seen folks bend aluminum tubing, use wood, even carbon and injection molded plastic. I created a set made of titanium tubing, they almost drag on the ground, the gap in between the two attachment points is 17 inches and they have most of the tube's bend right up at the top. They are rigged as no-snags. Another outrageous expenditure, I can't use them around other fliers, team-folks are in peril nearby me!

Make sure you have lots of adjustment capabilities on your leaders too, tops and bottoms. You need the kite to back-up inverted from resting on the ground. Then you have enough DOWN in your tuning. Now the sail is square to the wind. Now you can go practice your lightest wind techniques. With enough experience and proper tuning any size of handle will function. Longer throws eventually become another crutch you don't need to get around. You can do the same job without them, just not as easily or as quickly.

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I'm agreeing on the handle issue - my SUL loves to be on 15" handles in light winds!! :) But when the wind gets up, I put those babies away and use the 13"!! :) In higher winds I find the 15" are too "busy"! :angry: Easy to over control with the longer handles in higher winds, the shorter 13" calm things down!!:)

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Well, the SUL arrived today, so guess i've got to give it a couple of days to see if a customs demand drops through the door.

Still waiting on the handles to arrive though

Only problem now is that the misses talked me out of a kite bag to have a kite instead for chrimbo, but the more stuff I get, the more I need the bag :lol:

I might have to sneekily purchase one :P

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I tracked my packages, phoned the delivery folks up as soon as it was with them. Then went and picked it up at the depot using my card to pay. Meant I got it a few Hours earlier.

No chance to fly it as it was dark, just got it in my hot and sweaty just that bit quicker.

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Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear

I think I need to seek professional help!

Either that or cut up my credit card :lol:

Had an email from Kite Connection, and basically they have 125 1.5's and B's in stock and want to reduce that number down, and thus are offering 25% off, by inputting a promo code in at the checkout process.

Ended up buying a Custom rainbow B series mid vent, and whilst at it bought a spare SUL bridle, and also bought my son an extra present.

Since seeing those HQ Roto kites in a vid, I've wanted one, and when I shown my son it, he wanted it as well, and has mentioned it a few times since.

During checkout process, I saw Dave was doing a Skydog version, so purchased as well B)

Did think my next rev would be a blast or a revII but hey, it's only 2 months till my birthday :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

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