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Treasure Island 2011


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jpg. 1.5 mb.

(Aerochic, I did the steps you said when I tried to post the photo. I tried the "advanced" and standard versions and neither worked for me.)

HMMMM... That's really odd, guys! :(

There is a 2mb limit on image posting, so Alden's pic should have been fine.

I'm wondering, are the photos you wanted to post located on your desktop or in another folder or program like iPhoto? Sometimes that can throw a wrench in the works.

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I tend to make a folder on my desktop and put copies of photos I want to attach (to posts or to emails) in that folder. Since they are copies, and in a folder on my desktop, I can find them, be sure they are the ones I intend to post, and dispose of them after. This also lets me reduce the size of pictures to be posted without risking modifying my originals.

Also note: that 2MB limit seems to be a total daily limit. If Alden had posted something else on that day, the 1.5 MB might have gone over the limit. 1.5MB seems a bit big; you can get a fairly net-worthy image with JPEGs at around 250 kB if you reduce them to about 800 pixels width and save them at "medium-high" (8 or 10) quality. (If someone sees the picture and wants a copy, you can always directly email a full resolution copy to them.)

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Thanks to everyone who worked and were at the event ... Kelly and I had a really Great time...

It was great to see old friends and fly in the line with all of you...

I really enjoyed seeing John and TK, the Rev Riders and all the Demo Flyers... Great job guys...

The Mega fly standing next to My Nephew Lou and Starna was a real highlight for me...

I have to say though... Mike ... just like old times Brother... Being Totally goofy and having the time of our lives!!!

Really good to see you again... it brought back a lot of great IQuad memories for me..

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A whole different perspective on the megafly. (Wish I could have been with you!)


[Double click on image to see in 600x480]

Image added with permission. Marv has more of his festival pictures on Flikr:


[Edit: will teach this keyboard to spell correctly one day...]

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