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You know you are addicted when...


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Just remembered a story of addiction told to me by someone we all know on this forum, who has not yet responded to this thread.

This guy got time off work to go to the motorcycle rally in Sturgis, South Dakota. When he got back to work after the rally, he asked his boss for another week off to attend WSIKF. The boss said "no", so this guy quit his job and went to WSIKF. I think the year was 2003.

Anyone know who would do such a thing?


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it is dark as you thinking about packing away, and you still want to fly a bit longer.

it starts throwing it down with rain and you just don't notice.

the wind stops, you are rubbish at no wind flying, and you still hang round for Hours to see if it picks up.

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There's something wrong about that!!kid_devlish.gif

what's wrong with my lingerie ?


the rev is a copysmiley-blushing.gif rev 2 , black with white lacesmiley-blushing.gif , i mean white vent

and others commented that it looks a bit like a bra, so i made the pants to match

the gusset is a bit fraid nowblink.gif , i must get it out and fly it again.


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You drive down the highway always looking and every field or semi flat piece of ground looks like a good place to fly. You wonder if the property owner would care if you did.

You spend a lot of time reading kite forums and watching kite videos.


Oh god, I can't STOP doing that. I have even been busted by the property owner because I didn't know who to ask and the vacant lot was just too perfect to pass up...

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When you ask the boss to extend your business trip to see what exactly its like flying on a beach? Scouting out on google maps where they're putting you up for grassy areas?

Shopping for luggage and saying no to everything because its the wrong size for the spars and settling on a golf bag? Buying a set of ski's just to make sure the counter agent can't argue about your new oversized sports bag?

Voluntarily wanting to shovel snow just to get winter on with it so the favorite glacier lake will freeze over?

Oh I know.... watching tv shows and commenting about how windy it always is in the outdoor scenes!

I really don't think there is a single one listed in this thread that doesn't come up just about every day. I just tell people it's better than crack, and you don't have to go to rehab because you don't NEED to quit!

I was reading them as I scrolled down and thought "Wait...these are supposed to be about being addicted, and I was doing all of them before I even learned how to get off the ground with my rev..."


(The other half)

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your driving down the freeway at 1am in the middle of november. oh and its -35 outside, and your rev bag is under your arm.

Heh... We're in Alaska. There is 6 months of doing just that. -35f doesn't scare ME. It's when it's -35f and you're sitting out there wondering why it isn't -60f with the windchill. :P

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