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How long before it stays airborne?


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Hi Plod38 and welcome. Another UK'er, and already hooked with multiple Revs. The better flying days I have been to were mainly dualies. However there were a couple of folks with Revs.

Rigster, better flying days are held / organised by STACK UK (and may be done by others I am not sure) normally a get together of experienced flyers down to novice, and all help each other out to try to fly better.

Pete, a "friend" wound my lines for me and swapped the two bottom lines when larksheading them to be packed away. Took me a while to sort it out next time I used the lines. Was quite interesting though. In a OMG type of way.

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--Pete - I see the sense in swapping top / bottom as opposed to left / right if you were to swap them over. Is line stretch a real issue these days? I'm guessing not by the comments posted here ... On the subject of swapping bottom lines over & seeing how you get on did you ever try, as a kid, riding your bike with your hands on the opposite grips? I did. Kerb stones in this area are cut granite. I know that from having my face planted on one.

I'm going to do as you do Wayne & colour code each corner - it'll take some of the confusion out of setting up.

Plod / Baloo - where do I find out about the better flying days please?

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To be honest, I too, am a color coder. Red/green for left/right (I'm also a boater, so I follow the nautical rule of Red Left Port*) and black/white for top/bottom. Each line-end gets one or two dabs (white is a no-dab) with markers.


* Easy to remember: Think of Red, the old sailor as he left port, with the red buoys on the left, the red running lights on left/port side of the boat. Unfortunately this only works in about half the world (so-called B-buoyage areas, mostly the Americas) where colored buoys are placed with the reds on the left hand side of the channel as you go down-stream or leave port; green on the other side. The other half of the world (A-buoyage, Europe, Asia/with some exceptions, Australia) places the buoy colors just the opposite, but keeps the red running lights on the left or port side of the boat.

BTW, the "Red Left Port" mnemonic is my own invention. If you google for the phrase in quotes [ "red left port" ] you will find that I originated it. A lot of people use it now. It always annoyed me that the traditional B-buoyage mnemonic of "red right return" didn't also work for the lights on the boat, so I came up with my own. If you see the parenthetical comment (not some nasty old port), you will know that it has a direct connection to my original post in the rec.boats newsgroup sometime back in the 1980s or 1990s.

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snip ...

* Easy to remember: Think of Red, the old sailor as he left port, with the red buoys on the left, the red running lights on left/port side of the boat.

I learned to remember this to think Port Wine. Port wine is red. Port and Left, both have four letters in them.

Red Port Left

Green Starboard Right

My left lines have red markings. My right lines have green markings.

My lower lines have an extra black marking. I never swapped upper and lower lines as some like to do.

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Hi Plod38 - a guy on here - pudsli, has experience of the Ainsdale beach & like everyone on here is very helpful as I'm guessing you've already found. I may have a nice beach to fly on but you seem to have the funds - 3 revs already?! What is a "Better flying day" by the way?

Hi Rigster

I WISH, with the funds :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Spent the last 5 years racing RC cars up to national level, and with running costs, and ever decreasing wages, I decided to get out of the hobby, and go back to kite flying.

Thought it would be a cheaper hobby :w00t: :w00t: :w00t: :w00t:

Anyway, sold up my rc gear to finance the buying of the Revs

Ordered a B series, but it was taking time to come, and got offered an SLE hardly used for half the price of new, so snapped it up.

Wind seems to be getting heavier, so more of the rc funds went into buying a Vented B series in matching colours to my other B series.

Feeling a bit addicted, so sold off my Flexifoil Bullet 3.5m and can't see me using it again and have some other funds left over from the rc so another rev isn't out of the question :kid_loved:

I've used none of my little wages to buy the revs, but i do wish I had the funds to buy more B):lol: :lol:

As for the "Better Flying Days" as already mentioned, they seem to be part of the STACK competitions.

There was one at Bristol last weekend, and there will be one at Hinckley, which I think is on the 4th of December

Might be a little too far for you, I don't know, as I go Kendal every week, and that is 170mile from Hinckley, which takes me 3hrs 15mins in a lorry restricted to 55mph:kid_cussing:

If you do fancy coming, you can gladly have my phone number in case you struggle to find the site.

Thanks for the welcome guys

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I used to sail too, but my markings are red for right, black for left!! :) If I have white sleeving, then I mark the tops with just a little color on the knots, then color the bottoms all over the sleeving!! Two colors, in my line bag for touch up, and I'm good to go!! :) The nautical approach is nice, too!! :) I haven't found line stretch to be much of a problem if they are properly stretched first, and then adjusted once or twice! Might be a factor if flown consistently in high winds!!??confused_1.gif

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Plod / Baloo - where do I find out about the better flying days please?

Look on the Stack UK site http://www.stackuk.org/index.php?section=7 they are a good bunch of folks. I have joined if only for the Insurance that it offers you. Very important that you have kit flying insurance in my opinion.

Some of the folks are a bit intense, but mostly they are all happy to help you out. Not too many Rev flyers amongst them, however there are some REAL good ones in there. Chris Goff is CRAZY good with a Rev for instance.

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