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NOW AVAILABLE: New Historical Revolution Masterpiece


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It is always a value to support those that in turn take care of us (we the fliers). China is not providing trophies, or donations of products for worthy causes nor touring the country showing off the latest/greatest stuff they created, tested, modified and finally rolled out into production themselves.

Cost is not always measured by the lowest bid, sometimes acquisitions are made under that special heading of "best value". Revolution products fall under this category.

You join a global family and are supported by the factory staff with services, repairs and products backed by people who are actually kite fliers themselves in case of ANY problem. They have "made right" many things we all should know are not their fault. For example, customer buys a supersonic to learn on and then complains it broke in mid-air. Sure it did, but crashes are cumulative, so all those bashes into the ground added up. It's not the manufacturer's fault if you use their products improperly or without any prior training. That doesn't mean they are NOT made tough. Only that how tough makes it too heavy and trucky?,... to be successful for their established client base in flight dynamics.

An indoor kite is, by it's very nature delicate. A speed series kite can go very fast in a single eye-blink. Both of these products are designed for very specific markets and they are successful in these arenas. Most knock-offs are copies of existing technology and many are inferior because they only can compete on price.

Hopefully you will also support the "real deal" Revolution company or provide something truly innovative to the quad-line community for us all to share if you simply must home-build. Taking funding away from the factory (and their retailer community base) is frowned upon by selling your own wares. You'd feel the same way if the roles were reversed!

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Hi Sparky & revflyer.

Not to be crass, I was at my local kite shop looking to buy a real rev when it was offered me a pair of rev copys (Australian made).

After some thought I got them as learning revs.

I don't doubt the quality of the real thing.... I just know how many deltas I broke in the start.

Once I stop thumping the ground I will be upgrading to at least 2 real revs and most likely donating the copy's to my local club for others to learn the joy of revs.

So if you feel I betrayed revolution kites by my choices, I am Sorry. You don't buy a new BMW for a first car. I think the same for kites.

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Put a request in last night for a quote for a review B Pro... I loven the color scheme.. just not sure to go mid or full vent.. (can only get 1 at moment)

Just in case you weren't aware, there is a colouriser on the Rev website where you can design a colour scheme. Custom colours are a bit more but I think it's worth it to get "your" kite your way.

Most get a Vtd to compliment a Std as there is a bit of wind cross over. However, talk some local pilots (Prawnstar on this forum), fly their kites and see which you prefer. Get in touch with a local kite club, Redcliffe KC is one that springs to mind.

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