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This from Darrin Skinner, long time sport kite scoring whiz and world champion team competitor:

Hi all,

I've finally got the scoring software we used at the last AKA Grand Nationals up on my website in a manner that organizers can download. All the instructions anyone should need along with the software are at ...


Feel free to pass this along to any sport kite organizers. The software currently lacks a few features (league standings, some update/delete capabilities on rarely used setup features, a print schedule feature ) but those will follow soon. The software is free to use for any AKA sanctioned events (see the web site for details).


P.S. If you know people in other sports that need something like this, let me (or them) know. The software is designed to be expandable to cover any type of scoring.

Thanks to Darrin for making this available... The scoring process has always been daunting to first time organizers, but this makes it easier!

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