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New printed Revs on the Spanish site

Stephen Hoath

Which design do you like best  

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After a little debate with "her indoors" psycho got our vote... and Euros.

Kite arrived last Thursday and had its maiden flight on Sunday at the club fly in at Duridge Bay, very light winds but kite was a pleasure to fly.

Colours looked good against a clear blue sunny sky, most strange this far north in the UK at this time of year. Looking forward to giving it a good try and fly it back to back with a different rev and set up.

So well done Los hermanos Gonzalez.

I'll let you know how it goes.

All the best


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Finally got round to posting a few pictures of the waves printed Rev.

post-212-126842425991_thumb.jpg post-212-12684243226_thumb.jpg

Flew it last weekend & have to say I made a good decision getting it after flying Steven Hoaths a few weekends ago.

As Brian said the wind was blowing 1-3mph earlier on in the day & the kite flew beautifully. We had a selection of different kites with different set-ups out during the day & I think we all agreed that the printed rev added something extra to your bag. Be nice when we compare it to the Zen.

Hats off to the Gonzalez Brothers & Revolution for a great kite.


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