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Rev Team Manual


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Thank you John

The method for keeping track of the direction of 180s looks like it will be useful in keeping down the "fire drill" time. In a pairs ballet, there isn't a place for a "fire drill".


Glad you like it Jim.

John is a great guy. John is a great flier. John proofread the manual. We should all be grateful to John for bringing and promoting Rev team flying to the U.S.

However, I wrote the manual. The idea for the manual was mine. I made the diagrams, wrote the text, and came up with the method of determining the 180s.

So send those back slaps and ego boosts to me :rolleyes:

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I have to share promotional credit with Monkey... He and I came back from France really excited.

While I've been more active and vocal (thanks to my job), Monks has been right there with me. ;)

But the credit for the manual, yes, that is ALL thanks to Mr Kory, who did an AWESOME job on a resource that will no doubt be of great use to many.

So far, we've had downloads from the US, Canada, Germany, UK and other countries.

Mike... You'll get your back slaps in Michigan, sometime in the middle of a big maneuver.

Ego boosts will be later, at the bar. LOL

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Well, Mike, not to give you a lot of work, but as we get to the end of the season perhaps you'll be able to update the manual with some of the moves that are new or didn't make the first edition... Super Blender, Takedown, Stall Wraps, Snap 45s, Zip Tie, Diagonal Threads, and uh..."Philly Cheesteak with Onion Return?"

And whatever that new one was you guys were practicing at Mots. (Bangers and Mash?)

Seems the food names are the wave of the future. But they're making me hungry. ;)

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I know I shouldn't. It's really not nice to pick on folks. But, really, it's almost like he's trolling for trouble.

Okay, that's it I've just got to say it or I'll burst: "And, God knows that Papa Smurf does need a boost!"



Jeez, resurrecting a year old thread just for that line!

Someones gonna have to get me a Papa Smurf hat so I can whack you guys with it. Or whatever Papa Smurf does to keep his family in line.

I will be updating the manual this winter, though I wont be putting all the moves you've seen iQuad do in the manual. The moves I put in the manual are ones that are more basic or done by more than one team. Ones with big complicated names get to stay the property of the team that names 'em.

The main reason for the manual is so that any random group of rev fliers can meet up and fly some team moves without having flown together before. You meet a couple folks on the kite field, you all have 120' lines, and you all know some of the basic moves in the manual. Instant fun!

It worked in Japan. A couple of us were flying with a couple Japanese guys. We didn't know Japanese and they didn't know English, but they could say "Blender!" and we could fly one as a team. It was very cool.

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