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Ready for a forum upgrade now?


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Please, please, please... If you're a frequent regular Rev forum user, take a look at this discussion on Kitelife!



That's new discussion, etc, since the last time this came up (in June)...



I think Jeepster is a great example of initial resistance to the change in format, and ultimately coming around to the improvements...

Grumble, grumble, grumble ... damn 'IT' folks never leave anything alone ... yea, I'm sure it's better, but I just got the last one figured out ... here's hoping there's a special punishment in the after life for software tweakers ... probably will have to do all their word processing with PCWrite ... yea, that would be fitting.

Seriously, growing with software is just a fact of life. Once counted all the different word processing packages I've had to learn while working for one company ... eight!! Absolutely would not want to go back to the original, but it does take time to become familiar with the quirks and clicks of new stuff. I'm sure you're wetting your pants in glee over the new look, but give some of us curmudgeons time to grouse ... we'll come around.

<<fast forward 5 months>>

I've grown attached to this skin. The classic blue is a close second. Although, with the classic blue, I'd miss my profile at the top of the page ... after all, it really is my profile. Seriously, it is a good flag to quickly tell if I'm logged in or if the random number generator's cousin has logged me off. I've been known to click the "View New Content" icon most of the day without realizing I'm not logged it. Sure would be nice to have the software tell me the "View New Content" feature can't work if it doesn't know who I am.

The others? Forget them!

The Rev forum is long overdue for an upgrade... Not only for general security (script weaknesses), but also to make our job easier as admins.

On Kitelife, no spammers get through the registration process... On Rev, our admins have to personally review and delete 1-10 spammer registrations per day.

So, this is your chance to take a look at the skins we have available to us (sampled on the KL forum), and to put in your 2 cents for the direction of the Rev forum.

At the moment, I'm inclined to use the default format we have on Kitelife right now... Although it's different, it really does work very well. :)

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I am sure I'll grumble to myself and I'll stumble here and there.

But, I know we must advance and not just sit back in the past just because we are comfortable where we are.

It will be a very short learning stage for all of us and surely make my life easier as an administrator.

Do It!

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Personally - I really dislike the new format on Kitelife - and it has pretty much stopped me from going there all together. I feel that if you do the same here then the quality and quantity of posts that are found here will diminish to nearly zero just like they did on Kitelife. Please don't take this personally - that's just my opinion - I don't care for all the flash and glitz and snazzy pictures and all the advertising and flash banners, news feeds and such - all that does is slooooow down the load times and make me do the search-and-rescue to try and find the actual topics in the middle of everything jumping out at me. To me that is nothing but a waste of my time and makes the forum look like a sleazy swap meet. I browse the forums for advice and information - and to offer help to others. If I want pictures or galleries or movies I will go to Youtube, photobucket or webshots. I really don't want that crap clouding up the forum and wasting bandwidth.

Again, this is only my personal opinion. I don't wish for you to change anything on here or Kitelife on my behalf - its your forums John and you can do what you want with them :) , if I don't like it and everyone else does then I will simply go elsewhere as there are plenty of other kite forums to spend my time (that I should be spending working anyways). LOL

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I'm trying to understand this...

"I don't care for all the flash and glitz and snazzy pictures and all the advertising and flash banners, news feeds and such"

The only "flash and glitz" or ads that I'm aware of on the Kitelife forum are the scrolling banners on the forum home page, and a single banner loaded at the bottom of all topic pages...

Of course, neither of those would exist on the Rev forum (with or without an upgrade).


The news feeds and such, again, only on the forum index, and you can close it with one click of a little "X"...


(look directly below "View New Content")

What that news feed bar on the right would do, is allow forum admins to maintain an up to date list of informational resources right on the forum index...

Right now, there's nothing to easily guide people to specific product info, etc, etc, without a fair amount of searching.


As for load time, I don't see the major impact for anyone on a broadband connection.

Lastly, regarding videos and photos... All that stuff is here too, no difference!


I'm not trying to counter or "come back" by any means, it just seems to me that your assessment of the new format is rather broad-stroked, based strictly on your feelings about the index page... As I read your observations above, I don't see how they apply to any part of the Kitelife forum except the index page... All the topic/category/content pages on the Kitelife forum are clean best I can tell, a slightly different layout but no "flash and glitz" at all.

In all sincerity, If I'm missing something in your explanation or sentiments, please do fill me in, I am genuinely interested and keeping an open mind. :)

Nothing is decided 100%, and no, it's not "my forum" as you so specifically put it... The Rev forum is yours, as the end-user.

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Please remember that not all of us are totally computer-literate and we appreciate "If it ain't broken don't fix it!"...

The current format on KiteLife has lost some of it's ease and also my interest... I hope you leave the Rev site AS IS, it's Great just the way it is, and much easier to navigate and see what's new!

My two cents has been spent!

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Hi Revolution forum,

This is my first post at this site. I am posting it so that maybe you'all might be able to gain something from the Kitelife Forum. I have been to your forum before, but never felt comfortable enough to join in. This was my last post at Kitelife, as upgrades to their forum were being concidered:

On Dec 11, 2009, at 12:30 PM, "Kitelife Magazine - Forum" <[email protected]

> wrote:


> Kitelife,


> Guru4tru has just posted a reply to a topic that you have subscribed

> to titled "Forum upgraded!".


> ----------------------------------------------------------------------

> I know this will really frustrate you JB........But, what's a

> "skin?" :confused!:

> --------------

> Really...I don't care what you decide on...I'm here for the content

> and all the great people I've met. People that have made me feel at

> home and have helped me learn how to fly and have fun!


> Being a lone wolf in my area...all that I know, and can do (which is

> pretty good stuff for a beginner, I think) has been a result of

> you'all helping me!!


> And this is the only site I feel comfortable enough with where I can

> speak my mind and say about anything and ask stupid questions and

> enjoy myself and we have all laugh together and also get the best

> suggestions on what to get and how to do it!! Other sites I felt

> that I couldn't say anything unless I was "good enough" at kiting,

> or knew the rules, or was on the "inside".


> Yeah...you can change things to reflect a more "professional" look.

> if that's what you want, and that's OK with me...as long as you

> don't compromise, or screw up, the "Best Kite Site That

> IS"! :sign_kitelife:


> Keep It Up!

> Duane


> PS I would like a membership card and then get discounts for being a

> member of Kitelife and a yearly convention!!! But, I'm sure that

> will come in time!!

> ...(I don't know if this is fitting, but it ran across my mind)...

> "Don't fix what isn't broken!"

> ----------------------------------------------------------------------

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Those of you that are Nay sayers.. It is time to change, I for one wouldn't mind making it easier for the people who moderate this board to continue doing what they do with ease. Most of the people who are mods don't get a paycheck from rev, they do this for free. The alteration to the forum is going to be a decent thing. quite worrying and try something new.

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I say, take it back to the old Days :-)

I still have slight issues with the Kitelife Forum, however am getting more and more happy with it the more I use it.

Oh and thank you for posting the Jeepster post of 11th Dec, mentioning about the logger offer thingy. I have been frutratingly checking the "view new content" button, getting the "no new content" or whatever it is sign, thinking, WOW, no one has posted anything on here for at least a Week, I have just now logged on (properly), and there are loads of new posts.

Stupid me, dope!!

One thing about the Kitelife forum, it takes about twice as long to load as this one does, and it thinks about twice as long as this one when I ask it to do anything. So it seems there is something different about it that makes it slower, at least from my end anyway.

I dont like change for changes sake, and fully understand the idea of, if it aint broke don't fix it.

However if what John is saying is correct, even if it is that the spammers find the Rev Forum an easy target that needs constant filtering by JM, that is actually a good reason for it to be changed. Let alone that it might be easier to maintain. After all, we have to face it, time is money, and needs to be used correctly.

Long story short.

I like the Rev forum as it is, I am used to it. It is like a worn out pair of slippers, however unfortunatly it looks like the slippers are about to fall apart so have to be thrown away.

I disliked the Kitelife Forum, however am getting more used to it now. Sometimes you have to accept that you just have to move with the times.

I loved that old, text only style of the old Rev Forum. This one is better, I am sure the next one will be better still, with a bit of patience, practice and learning from us all.

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Do what you need to do JB, I am sure that after the dust settles, we will have a much better forum. The way I see it, it is just a matter of getting used to the new and shiny. Not everyone will be happy about the change, hopefully they will be able adjust and continue to contribute to the discussions on this forum. In society, there are always those who resist change, but without change, we are unable to grow as individuals, and as a society.

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If you live in the present

But dwell in the past

Your sure to miss

The future,,,,,JFK

I like stuff that works.Does what it says on the tin.KISS[keep it simple stupid],another old saying,but one thats stood the tests of time.I do think things have a weird way somtimes of going full circle.New doesnt always meen its better.

We will see

Im up for anything though.Any changes.Hope it doesnt put anyone off or the new tech frightens anyone away.I know thers very few computer Geeks on here or people that come over as Geeks.Most seem like streight talking.Plain speaking ,good folk.The main attraction of the forum is the people and content.I do wonder if the geeks move in[iF].Will the content and language change.This sites big,BIG draw and its been said over and over,Is the Freindly nature and good vibe created by freinds weve all made here.. change....Mmm.Does ther have tobe pain involved.Well,not much i hope.Usually change does level out and we find a nice place again for the better of all.Just keep your eye on the Flock and if one goes awal.Make it Priority to hook them back in without fuss.

Perhaps the first thread on the new version of the site.Should be an Iddiots guide to best use or open for Questions Time.Im sure i will bang my toe a few times before i get to the place i wana go.When the new site is up.Ive just skim read the opening few posts.Made by regular folk and regular posters.Seems thers some apprention.Which is understandable,but im sure JB ,JM and anyone else will provide the usual guide,path and help we all have come to expect as a standard here.All folk will be catered for,dont worry.We are amungst freinds

:big_beer:Heres to the future

Long Live The Revolution......YEH


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Let me put it this way. All day long I deal with software systems that were designed by someone in a windowless room that had no interaction with the people who will use those programs in the real world. As a result, we're stuck with horrid software that hinders more than it helps and developers that refuse to admit their works of art have serious issues.

When I get home from that I don't deal with it on my home computers.

Hopefully this won't be the case here.


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I like this forum as it is.. but I would be ok with a change if it was for good reason and it sounds as though there is one....

My biggest problem with the kitelife forum since the change, is that I cannot log in.. so I have not really been using it. I probably would more if I could lol Not griping here , let me be clear that I have not even let John know of the issue.. so it is my own responsibility.


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I echo Bri's preference for 'KISS' to the user. However the needs of moderation are paramount. We take it for granted just how the forum ticks along, allowing us to exchange ideas freely, without ticking us off with adverts for little pills, unlocked phones., etc. I'm sorry to say that site security requirements are paramount these days and if change allows the moderators an occasional outing to fly a kite, then stop talking about it - Just Do It!

My observation on the Kitelife forum is just the amount of wasted space showing the poster's name/avator/life history. But seriously, being smaller, it is just neater here. When the same person is effectively in a dialogue, then it really doesn't add to the sum total of knowledge for the amount of space it consumes. Maybe this is just a configuration issue. I do like the 'print' link on the Kitelife forum which culls this bloat should it be necessary to kill a tree....

(This opinion is worth the full amount you paid for it.)

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Please please please don't take my comments as anything personal at all. They are after all just my own personal opinions and not geared towards anyone or anything specific. As far as the flash and glitz, I guess I should be a bit more defined in what I am referring to. Basically I am referring to the entire right hand column with all the facebook status updates, news feeds, top 5 helpful users, today's top posters (with pictures), most recent news, scrolling banner that takes forever to load up - even when you close these things, they still have to load which slows down the load time a ton. Another thing that I don't like is the recent gallery images on the top of the page - I don't know, maybe I am the only one that doesn't ever use any of those things on the right or the gallery images...but that is what I am mainly talking about with the flash and glitz. You have to scroll down to the middle of the page just to get to the topics. This is a very tiny hassle and I am seriously nit-picking...but I just don't like it - sorry. The log-in problems are always a hassle and the Kitelife forum is the slooooowest forum I frequent - sometimes it takes horrendously long to load, even with my quad core and 10mb broadband connection speeds. I have tried the forum with Firefox, IE8 and a couple other browsers to see if it was just an issue with my browser but nope, they all load about the same. Firefox seems to be the least slowest though...

And yes, this is mainly about the main title page. The content pages don't have all of this (thank heavens!). One thing that I do find annoying is that when I visit a topic, It takes me to the bottom of the topic and I have to re-scroll back up to read it. Again, this may be fine for everyone else but I find it very annoying. The Kitelife forum is the ONLY forum I have ever been on that does that. Also, checking the "New Topics" button will load the new topics as far as I can tell but when you go back to the main forum index, it still shows you tons of topics that say haven't been read. Perhaps I am missing the new topics and not realizing it or perhaps the "new Topic" button doesn't always work right - don't know but it is rather frustrating.

Anyways - those are the main reasons that I don't like spending a lot of time on the Kitelife forum and worry about changing this forum to be just like that one. Again please don't take any of this personally as the issues are probably just with me being a PITA. I should really just spend a couple days going through everything and try to figure it all out - but I don't care to spend that much time trying to figure out how to use a forum when I can just go elsewhere and click and read. :)

As andelscot above mentioned and I quote:

(This opinion is worth the full amount you paid for it.)

p.s. I love that quote - will have to use that one more often.

Edited by awindofchange
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Change may be good. Change may be bad.

New technology can be a great thing and sometimes not.

Some people like new bells and whistles and some like the feel of an old friend.

Frankly you can't fault anyone for an opinion either way.

My observation has been, ever since the changes to the Kitelife forum the number of post have gone way down. Only the webmaster would have the statistics for the number of visits. Perhaps one has nothing to do with the other but running a cooperate forum I think those kinds of numbers would be a driving force.

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Pull the trigger, John, it's ready to go.

The additions made since the original upgrade take care of most of the issues I had the first time around.

Thanks for putting in the different skin options. I really like the classic one, and will be using that.

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Hey JB

It would be nice to have both forums the same. That just makes it easier for kiters. From a users point of view I don't see a need for a change but don't have any issues with the new Kitelife forum.

Important items to me are

spam less

good crowd

easy search

new posts since last visit

crisp easy to read layout

I learned to fly on the forums. I learned what kites to buy. I learned setup and tuning. I even learned how to wind the stupid string on the winder. So these forums are very important and I appreciate yours and the rest of the crews dedication towards making a good forums.


Edited by John F
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I've heard tons on comments about the default skin at Kitelife, but has anyone taken the time to *look* at the other skins/templates that have been loaded in there?

That was the premise of this whole &^$&W^%$^%$% thread, asking you good folks to try the other templates, to see if any of them work for y'all.

The URL in my first post here takes you right to the Kitelife post that outlines how to try the different templates.

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Also, for anyone who actually takes the time to *help* by trying the new template(s), you might find that the "classic blue" skin loads faster.

Upgrade is inevitable (security), trust me on this, just a matter of time...

I'm just asking for constructive input based on what we DO have available to us, I already understand the cons.

Sorry, just frustrated... Trying to equalize, to work with y'all, make as many happy as I can... Yet 50% of the posts here are simply "I hate it, so I gave up."

Literally took me MONTHS to find out exactly the extent of how unhappy everyone was, thanks for that, so much.

This is your chance to remedy, to provide constructive input that I can actually use in an instance where change is necessary.

Or if you like, we can leave the door open here (as is), and let the forum get hacked at some point (no forum for anyone)... "Yeah, broke now, should have fixed it". ;)

Yes, I'm a little frustrated and it shows... But please overlook that, read the meat of this and help, or it may be all our loss.

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