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Pond play video


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Thanks for the nice remarks. I had more clips of the day but without music it would have been too boring if it was any longer.

Mike K: I did fly over water covered ice last January at the same pond - the water made a perfect mirror image of the kite. (sorry, no pics).

John B (& TK): congrats on your wedding - (I also got married on the 14th).

steveb: my lime B is a full vent - I made orcon panels to cover the inner vents to turn it into a mid-vent when needed.

antman: water flying is a "Splash" sometimes too - (editing has it's benefits - hehe)

Rev on - David

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... (I also got married on the 14th) ...

You snuck that announcement in very subtly. Shouldn't it be ... I also got married on the 14th ...?

Wow, let me get this straight ... you dated for eight years ... you got engaged two months ago ... and now you're married!!

Seriously, congratulations!!! May you and Tanya have a long and happy marriage.


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