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Shhhhhhhhhh, don't tell anyone... it's Lolly's Birthday!!!

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Happy birthday Lolly

you deserve all the well wishes

I think we all appreciate what you do in the background for us

all the best and many more


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Dear Family,

Thank you for your wishes and love flowing right through my screen !!!!!!!!!!!!!

I took my B-day off. One of the best days ever. A special day off is hard to beat.

Came in this morning and a JackAs.... employee pissed me off bad. (Not Ben)

Then I opened your love letters,

and I know God and all of you are smiling on me.

You are the best family !!!!!!

I am truly blessed !!

Love, hugs, and smooches (Big Bri) right back to you !!!!!!


lolly .. i also forgot my gift to you .. a piece of my beach that i now name lolly,s corner.. ill call you with the details.. youll love it

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Darn, traveling for a few days and missed your birthday. It may be belated, but it doesn't lack for sincerity ... Happy Birthday!!!

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