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worst kite flying day EVER

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I really do feel for you having the tear.

I fly often, and to date I have had no problem with any of my Rev kites or lines.

I fly all my kites well within it's wind range reducing the chances on any rips and most importantly I avoid gusty winds.

If the winds happen to be gusty within the wind range, I would consider using my vented 1.5

Rev kites are well made and if looked after should last you a long time.

As for snapping rods, I have yet to snap one, then again I do all my spins well above ground, avoiding the chance of hitting the outer LE which would likely snap in this event. I tend to play safe rather than be sorry, which in turn rewards me with countless hours of fun with little chance of any disasterous mishap. At least if something does happen, I can say I tried my best to avoid it.

If money was no obect, or I was sponsored, I would certainly take more risks and would probably have a few destroyed kites by now, but unfortunatly that is not the case, so I treat my kites with utmost care.

Treat your Rev with Love and respect and you will be well rewarded with years of fun and exhiliration.

Best Winds

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Not me. If I couldn’t inverted drags across the beach sending up a turkey tail of sand, or a spin chest high, or do a max speed dive to within inches of the beach, I think I would have to go buy a kite that could. All that said the only thing I broke was a side leading edge and that broke in the trunk of the car! These kites are well made and tough as nails. My 2002 sail is much need of repair but that is pure use and I think to be expected. Frankly I think it warring out as one would expect. My guess is the weakest point is the screen. I am not made of money but if I take the cost of that Rev 1.5 SLE and divide the cost by the hours of entertainment it has given me it becomes very cheap entertainment. B)

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That is another reason I like kiting so much, once you have your kite, all you need is a place to fly it and some wind, if no wind then you need another kite for that. As long as you do not tangle your string, everything else is free. Value wise, it is a bargin. The saying goes "The best things in life are free" well that's true after you have your kite. It cost me nothing to take it to the ball field, and the wind is free too, and the right wind for your kite is really among the best things in life. I'm still at work today, looking forward to next weekend when I will have my new B to try out. That's why I'm at work today, because some of the best things still cost money.

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