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Whidbey Island Festival Sept 26-27, 2009


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It's looking better than ever. BBQ Friday at my place after setup. Let me know if you can come.

Anyone need directions?

See you there.... here... Gonna be great!


We will be there. Let me know what we can bring and yes we need directions.

See ya


John & Mary Farrell

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It was superb :wub::wub: The weather, the wind and the whole organization was first class. Thank you Marjorie Taylor and the rest of the organizers for another wonderfull festival. Special thanks to Brad B. for his BBQ, hospitality and friendship!!! Terry Wiggle did an awesome job leading a 12 people rev megafly, it was great and the audience love it!!! :wub: I hope someone post some pictures, because I was too busy to take some.



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i agree with mario ... the weekend was superb ... brad b's hospitality was totally awespome

the weather and wind spot on

thanks again to marjorie for the invite , i hope we were entertaining :) :)

all the organizers volunteers competitors and spectators made the entire weekend so much fun

there was no real plans in the busy schedule for a mega fly so i would like to thank the event organizers for letting us slip it in .... and of course a special thanks to all the flyers that jumped in and pulled it off . i can still hear the kids in the background squealing with delight as we did those ground passes and the ohhhs and ahhs as we all did the balls and bursts ... we left them smiling for sure

a really great end of the season west coast festival




of course it could not happened with out my teammates mario and willow and our fourth "monks" who looks pretty good in red :lol:

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Right on. Whidbey is a very nice two days of kite flying. Really enjoyed it this year. Great weather, and great wind. We had a couple of hours of low wind and Saturday they were throwing teddy bears at the kids. There was never a time when you could not fly a kite.

Another great feature this year was all the Cannucks. I think they always have more fun.

The kid brigade was in full force too. There force was fully felt too.

Brad, what a great feed on Friday. No doubt you live in one of the coolest spots on the face of the earth. Just don't go to far back in the back yard. That 100 foot cliff is very steep and deep.

Till next year.


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