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Chester kite festival


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Well what can i say

two firsts for me today

1/ I flew my new Bazzer masterpiece union jack kite today - what a beautiful kite.it flies like a dream and down to a very low wind speed considering it is a heavier sail than the b series kites - 10/10 Bazzer you make great kites

2/ I flew my first team today and thoroughly enjoyed it - many thanks to the Northern Rev fliers Bri Dave Colin Kev and Simon

i'm looking forward to the next time (if you'll have me again LOL)

Have a great day tomorrow fellas - i hope the wind is good for you

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Hey Bazza.

Just back home from Chester pal.Have to say it took some doing,Bullying,but we gotcha in.Welldone pal.Especially in the lower winds we had.Your not a virgin anymore.Hope your Mrs is a little better.Give her our best.


Me and Dave have decided.We are gona MEGA VENT IT FOR YA....LOL.We cant have every Tom Dick and Barry havin one,well a Copy of our proper ones anyways,

Welldone Baz.Your welcome anytime......dont forget what we chatted about[ROOM ;) ].Hope you got a good run home.

TODAY,we did a proper job.Flew our slot in zero winds.Seven other invited flyers and we wher the only ones that did ther slot.The Lads wher AWSOME .Im so chuffed with our new team kite.We all are. STUNNERS/

Hey Baz,we all near cried laughing after you had gone.When Dave called.EVENS LEFT.ODDS RIGHT.

Five went left,one in the middle lost,and two went right,,,,lol.GLad i was chatting with Carl Longbottom and his Mrs at the time/

RAISED £700 for Children in need also in the evening,,,,,jobs a goodn for sure.


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Hi Baz,

Good to see you again, glad you enjoyed the team flying as bri said it did take a bit of bullying though, maybe it was the threat to take you 120's off you as you had no need for them if you weren't going to fly team that did the trick ! Hopefully it was worth it though.

Wind conditions weren't the best for your first team fly but you did good.

Maybe next time bri & myself will get the original Union Jacks out & we can fly them all together.

See you at Ainsdale sometime,


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