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Hot off the press and into your hands

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Well as I pack for the event up in San Fran. this one came across my desk and I just was stunned by the beauty and workmanship

of this new Masterpiece by long time artist Randy Tom...... :blue-cool: As we all know there are kites and then there are kites, " the Desert Princess " is all that! This Randy Tom original is one of those kites. If there's one you don't want to miss

I'd say this is the kite, "the Desert Princess" has all the ear marks of Randys' work plus

so much more...... So Family here we go again another 1 of 10 which will go very fast

so do not wait on this one, the price is $650.00 and we will not take a penny less cause

this is the one which will sell out fast.... Even as we speak I'm running my own credit

card cause I have to have one of these..... Ben

P.S. I will take some more photos when I get up to the bay being that I own the very first one :blue-cool:, I love this job.... Ben :blue-cool:



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Greeting from the "Green" and just wanted to share some more photo's taken today and I was all by myself so excuse the lack

of the kite in the air but maybe more tomorrow....... Ben :blue-cool: :blue-cool:



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