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Reccomendations for a Bomb proof Dualie please.


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I wouldn't like to promise anything.. Portsmouth is not the best place to try and find a 'quiet spot' to fly in on kite festival weekend. Too many clueless people wandering below where you are trying to fly, not enough space for a beginner to feel comfortable about crashing around. Let's hope for good wind and sunshine anyway! Oh and the Squad will be at Dublin kite festival instead of Bristol this year. :-)


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A used gem by Benson. One of the all time classics.

They go fairly low priced and are built very solid. Replacement spars are inexpensive. Great feeling on the lines but definately on the light pulling side compared to others.

Would be a kite to fly for a long time and could be enjoyed by you both. A very fun, tough kite with great presence in the air and a distinctive look.

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Well to keep you all up to date on this one, and BTW it was good meeting new folk, and old at both Stokes Bay and Portsmouth.

Got a Beetle from the guy at Hengist Kites near Hengistbury head. Become a bit of a tradition over the last few years that I call in and pick summat up from him. Had a good deal, picked up the kite and all the high wind add on bits for he price of the standard kite.

Una realy liked it, flew it quite a few times. Got the hang of sorting it out for herself instead of me keep righting it each time she landed. She is now the proud possesor of one of mt SIS Bob Duck Stakes.

She tried my Revs a few times too. Still not happy with those 4 lines to think about.

Anyway, the guy at Hengist told me they were pretty much unbreakable, as others on here have. He had a chap come back for a leading edge after smashing it into a lamp post. I was amazed at how light it was when all were telling me it was Bomb proof.

Anyway it was, until Una said to me, you have a go with it. My intention was to do a neat dive with a turn and land. It was OK except I didnt get the turn and land bit right. Ended up smashing nose first at high speed into the ground. Anyway I got it right side up and off we went again. Then Una shouts, stop, stop. I have only busted the spine on the poor thing.

Anyway, a trip back to Hengist and it now has a stronger spine. So all is well in the World again.

Cheers all.

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