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I'm heading to Vancouver Island via the ferry to explore the Island, fly my Rev. and fly with fellow Rev. flyers. Anyone have any last minute tips on where to fly and where to stay? This is totally last minute fly by the seat of my pants kinda trip. Any suggestions?

Look forward to flying!!!!

P.S. Hopefully no Goose poo :P:lol: !!!


Leaving this Friday.

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Most of the Clover Point(<----click me, link) crowd will be down at Kitehenge at the clinic, but There may be stragglers there flying...... B)

Oh my!!!!

Two things!!!

I totally forgot about Kitehenge AND I just got invited to Leavenworth for the weekend!!!

SO, plans have changed and Canada will have to wait until the following weekend. Still going but not until NEXT weekend.



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give us a clover point boyz a call

e mail me and i can give you some contact info

come fly with us

terry w :sq-smile::sq-smile:

Also would like to know if there are any power kiters in the group and if the flying area is large enough for getting dragged around :P;):devil: . Any good places to stay? Pricing?

E-mail coming.

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