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Toss n catch?


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Hi folks,

I have some 30 ft lines I would like to start using, my question is, should I be careful what kite / rods I use due to the potential agressive stop at the end of the lines.

I am in the happy situation where I can choose any rod set in 1.5 or Rev 1, or Equipped in Rev 2, dont think my skills are up to chucking a Blast around yet.

I am tempted to use Race Rods in a i.5 as the wind is light at the moment. However am I likely to damage the rods / kite?

Also is there a concensus as far as bridal or no bridal is concerned?

Advice greatfully accepted.

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Most the time, when I am flying on 30' lines I use race rods on my 1.5. In fact I did this at the clinic several times. When catching the kite, the kite will flex a bit, but I have never had any problems when doing repetitive toss-and-catch's.

As for the bridal, I have never taken the bridal off of any of my kites. It really doesn't cause any problems.

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Plus, it makes a more dramatic noise when it smacks on your noggin to remind you to watch the fast moving kite going towards it. lol

:lol: Thats advice I wish I'd heard before my first beaning. I took it right between the eyes. Literally. :w00t:


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