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What Rev (Shockwave-Blast) to choose?


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I'm new Rev-User (from February 21). My family gave me as a present a Revolution EXP in my birthday.

It's a fantantic kite. I have been flying two lines kites for years, but this is different to previous ones. It seems no difficult to master to me, with my experience and...

I'm thinking in the next (big) step and I doubt about Shockwave and Blast. What's the true difference? Because it will be the only Rev I think to adquire in the future.

...waiting for news (excuse my English)

From Spain, Jose M.

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No worries, your english is just fine.  :-)

Tough call between those two kites, as they are similiar in how they fly, but, if I was forced to choose I'd probably go with the Blast, its one step further along the evolution of the design. They are a lot of fun, a lot of pull and they'll glide nicely in lower winds too

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Hi Jose,

Well, I have both those kites (and the Supersonic also).  All I can say is that last week I was at the beach and the winds were light, but I wanted to fly a fast kite.  The Blast was the one I pulled out of my bag.  In my [humble] opinion, the Blast flies in lower winds than the Shockwave.  Which flies in lower winds than the Supersonic (but you didn't ask).

The day that I flew the Blast the winds were right for a 1.5SUL.  I didn't pull out my wind meter, but it felt like it was 3-4 mph.  I have the Blast video which shows how to fly in those lower winds, and I had to use those low-wind techniques.  And it performed beautifully.  

I would back up to get it to launch, then float it to walk back to my starting position.  Then keep it moving to get it to fly again until the wind dropped.  Then float until I could get it moving again, etc.  It was truly a very enjoyable time.

I feel that you'd enjoy both (and if you have the chance, pick up the Blast video also).

Later, Doug

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A new problem: Where to buy such a kites in Spain or Portugal? or perhap... what's the better internet place you can advise me (total pricing including transport, taxes, security speed and so)...? I tried in several places and regions in Spain by myself and none have such a kites

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  • 2 weeks later...

hi all.

Yesterday arrived home a fantastic Blast that I could find by phone in a kite-shop in Madrid (Spain); only three days in shipping home to Seville... it´s lucky. It's nearly impossible to find for direct buying such a kite in Spain.

This morning, I flew it in the Huelva's beach (south of Spain, 60 miles from Seville where I livin') following the instrucctions of DVD; it´s difficult to ride for a novice that fly REV EXP from February 2006... I'm sure I'll learn to master this BLAST (I flew acrobatic kites and parafoil for years)...

But I have a special doubt: What is the exact utility of both two knots situated in each bottons of the kite? I have chosen both inner: inner left with botton-line left and inner right with botton-line right and the only upper (red) knot of both sides of the kite with the correspondent upper line, in my first day. I't have been a cloudy and unconstant windy day previus to rain.

Can you help me? Where can I find information about this event?

...mmm my English...

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Hola Jose.  I have just got back from a festival in Valencia where I was judging in the Spanish National Championships.  There were many excellent Rev pilots there and so I am sure that you will be able to find some help (in Spanish! :wink: )

Try contacting Team Bolau (http://www.euskalnet.net/bolau/index2.htm) who I am sure will be able to give you some help.  

Rev flying in Spain is hot stuff with some of the best flying I have seen for a while.  Keep at it and have fun.

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Thank You Very Much, Stephen.

It have been a great helping the spanish contact. I'll e-mail them as soon as I return home. Tomorrow my family and me are going for a little 5 days holidays in the beach. I'll try the Blast and I hope no breaking it...

saludos desde España

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