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Who are the Rev-O-Lettes


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Welcome Jynx to the team!!!

Here are some Honorary members




And let's not forget our set up and break down man


The first men to wear the pink


Sherri ~

Honored! Truly Honored! Thank you! ...and hopefully by the time we meet again I will be worthy of the title!


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My wife Pam Mason is a newbie quad flyer that I'm trying to encourage to fly more! Maybe with her own T-Shirt and belonging to a group of you ladies might help. Did'nt see long sleeve T-Shirts in pink.

John & Pam Mason IN SAN DIEGO

They only come in white in the long sleeve. Sorry about that. Will put her name on the list!!

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Any time a Rev-O-Lette comes to Florida we take the pink kites out for a fly..

Elaine from the UK enjoyed flying pink!!!

Great shot and by the looks of it... great weather!

See ya in January! (If not before!) Miss ya/s!

Treasure Island ROCKS!

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Yeah, like you need an excuse to wear pink..... :devil:
I think you may be confusing me with someone else. Isn't that right Jonesey.

However Fraser, if you want me to wear pink for you, then it would be my pleasure. :wub:


BTW, I only ask as you are a rich well paid architect and therefore airtravel is but a triffle to you, but can we hope to see your peely wally butt at one of our get togethers some time soon?

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