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  1. I really do feel for you having the tear. I fly often, and to date I have had no problem with any of my Rev kites or lines. I fly all my kites well within it's wind range reducing the chances on any rips and most importantly I avoid gusty winds. If the winds happen to be gusty within the wind range, I would consider using my vented 1.5 Rev kites are well made and if looked after should last you a long time. As for snapping rods, I have yet to snap one, then again I do all my spins well above ground, avoiding the chance of hitting the outer LE which would likely snap in this event. I tend
  2. The same Rev I bought back in August of last year, my very 1st Revolution kite - Red, White and Black("Midnight') I ordered mine with all cloth sail (no mylar) though. It's a FANTASTIC kite and got me totally hooked on Revs. I now have the following Rev kites in my bag acquired over just 7 months: 1st. Rev - 1.5 SLE "midnight" all sail 2nd. Rev - 1.5 vented custom.- Black, Purple and Aqua (my personal favorite) 3rd. Rev - 1 Sedgewick "Cool" 4th. Rev - Supersonic - Gold, Rasberry and Blue 5th. Rev - 1.5 SUL custom rainbow 6th. Rev - Supersonic vented - New assemetrical Gold/Black - (on
  3. I have to say my 1.5's Hell I love them ALL
  4. I'm commited til End of May now since I have just placed another Rev order :-) So I will have to wait till then to stat saving for a masterpiece or if one of my paintings gets sold in the meantime
  5. Did I mention "I LOVE my new rainbow SUL?"
  6. The B series is on my wish list for the fall
  7. I'm possitive the kite looks absolutely stunning in flight. Hell it looks stunning no matter what it's doing antman you have in my opinion, one of the most gorgeous customs out there and definitely something to be over the moon about, which I know you are That would be one kite I would have on display between flights and not kept tucked away in my bag. Somewhere, where everyone could see it. As I mentioned to Ben, as I much as I would love to own one, my Rev collection is not yet complete, and I can purchase 2 to 3 Revs for the price of one custom and the luxury of owning a custom is ju
  8. If I have anything spare, I'm always willing to share, however in this case, I will still need them, as I am trying my darndest up here to attract people to this exciting sport and hopefuly get someone to fly with. I have been actively trying for 8 months now, even advertising in local publications, still without success. Lets just say that kiting up here is about as popular as skydiving WITHOUT a parachute - Not very popular! That been said, it has not dampened my enthusiasm, and I continue to do my very best to attract others to the sport. If I haven't been successful within the next c
  9. An ALL white sail will look very cool , since the logo is also white
  10. YEP!, especially the horse and eyes, my personal favorites
  11. White would be the best reflective color and any light color. Dark colors absorb a lot of light and not as effective. The white is also UV sensative, so using mini blacklights are also a possibilty. Lights don't always have to be attached to the kite itself either. If they are light enough, they could also be attached to the bridle. I'm going to be doing a lot of experimenting with lights this summer.
  12. The vented 1.5 was my favorite to fly untill I got my SUL. They are both fantastic, hell so is my 1.5 SLE.
  13. It's really a shame, as it's such a great sport.
  14. I would so like to try and make my own one day, however would need to get more confident with the sewing machine. I would like to tackle some applique work. Finding the right polyester here is impossible so I would have to import from the US, like I do all my kites.
  15. That's the exact color combo (gold/red/black) I was going to order for my vented SS, untill the new assemetricals came out. Now I'm undecided ????
  16. I found some very small and lightweight LED lights that use 1 small watch battery. They are about 2" long with a lense and about 3/4" in diameter. It's actually a tiny little book light with clamp. The clamp can just be removed, reducing the weight even more. These can be attached with rubber bands. I haven't tried them yet, but will soon when the weather improves. I will keep you updated with pics.
  17. I can't wait for the new video though! I need my "running shoes" now
  18. Actually I do love where I live, however wish there were more people up here interested in kiting. (Hell!, if I could find even ONE, I would be happy) Kiting up here in Toronto is about as popular as skydiving WITHOUT a parachute - NOT very popular! I have been actively looking for people to fly with, posting ads in local publications and even the TFK forum, with no response in 8 months. That been said, I still persue my passion and it's thanks to guys like yourself, and this forum, that have kept and continue to inspire me.
  19. If I had the $, I would take ALL Beautiful ALL of them - would make a beautiful stack
  20. I am just very grateful I have my beautiful custom kevlar handles. That was very unexpected and appreciated. I had only 1 set of handles I was using for all my kites, till these beauties came along.
  21. stryker2

    Kite Party

    Now that I have my SUL, I have made up to short line sets. 30ft. line set and 50ft. line set. (I have only tried the 30ft. so far, that's when I twisted my ankle on the ice) 30 ft. is a great length for a short line set. (Thanks John for your suggestion)
  22. Yes me too. I do so want to tackle my own custom (one day), however my sewing skills are ......lets just say! " not very good" My artistic skills are pretty good though, so I'm confident I can come up with a very good design, it's just a matter of the execution. I had thought of painting, however the results from what I have heard are not great. Screen printing is not an option as I don't like a one sided design and besides it adds considerable weight to the fabric, not to mention it's not cheap to print either. Applique is the only way to go in my opinion for a really stunning professional
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