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  1. Hmm...$1,200.00 and, did you say there are only 12 of them? I would be willing to release my UNIQUE AND ONLY ONE "TRIPLANE" for that kind of bread.
  2. NEW REV. DESIGN PRESENTED BY: JOHN BARRESI, DAVE HATHAWAY, MIKE KORY, AND BEN D'ANTONIO. You guys are looking good with your new rev. design...
  3. Hi Dave, I guess it's a matter of what Ron Despojado told me at Huntington Beach, CA. Party. Hector: you've got to have the 3 P's... Practice,...Practice,...Practice,...and then some more Practice. Hey Dave and John, I guess you can make a video similar to this for all your fans. Both of you are very good, and you can gives us a present by presenting it to us all. http://digidownload.libero.it/StuntKite/im...chooDIVX300.avi Make it a freebie... so that we all can learn something. Thanks in advance. I know you can do it. Hector
  4. Thanks John, I guess I'd have to buy the kite Hu...I am gonna wait, (I have no alteratives $$$) and WILL just practice some more. with my home made kite. Oh by the way, I am in the middle of creating a new set of "Dog Stake" this is something totally different. I'll let you know. I have not practiced any dog staking due to my work hours (10 a day) and I only fly Saturdays, Sundays is church time, not much flying. So, you can breathe at ease now. I have something that I reeaaaally wanted to tell you. I have a lot of admiration for you, not just for your kiting abilities, but I consider you a true gentleman. Thanks John. Hector Herrera AND A SUPER STAR.............
  5. Hi guys and gals!!! Altough I am pretty good with my basics (plus) movements and maneuvers, it's been difficult for me to master "the clock" . I can do the slow rotation fairly good, and the 3:00 6:00 9:00 and 12:00 o'clocks movements, but when it comes to the minutes, like in fives, I loose the balance of the kite, and it looks awefull. (bad) Does anyone has a video of the hands movements? or a clear explanation on how to do it? I would apreciatte you input on this matter. Thanks. Hector.
  6. Flank...??? yeah...why not. BUT. As far as I understand, in my former Country, Guatemala, Flank was used in the military. When an officer would tell the troops "Flanco derecho, derecho. " it meant for the troops or a soldier, to turn 90 degrees to the right. The second derecho means "go". This Flank expression would be the same as Face.??? won't it.
  7. I personnaly prefer: "face" as stated by J. Mitchell. Phonetics are very important as mentioned by: J. Barresi, but in my little experience with team flying, I suggest to the pilot leaders to SPEAK OUT LOUD... man...I am not only going deaf, but if you speak the commands for yourself, only, then the other pilots will be half way guessing...??? Huu me and my big mouth... Nothing personal Jim F.-....dig. (I guess my best position would be next to the pilot leader, that way, I CAN HEEEAR YOUUU...)
  8. Hi you all...!!! I have a question for someone who has been a pilot leader, I guess my good friend and rock-star John barresi, can answer this one, but I also like to hear from John Mitchell, another big legend. Let's imagine we are READY to do a TEAM KITE FLY, and we have people from diferent nationalities, and languages, How are you going to start your calls? and can you tell me ALL of them?..... Last time in Huntington Beach, California. I had the great pleasure to fly along Barresi, Hathaway, and other magnificent kite fliers, "and I did not know anything" about the calls, but Barresi was very effective, and excelent in explaining, how to do it. Can you, tell us your calls? I mean, shout if you want, I want to hear something....or if you think this is too personal please send me A personal message, that way I will understand correctly and be ready for another opportunity. I guess that's what people want to know. I personnally want to learn your calls to better myself and to help others when the need arises. thank you so much CAMPEONES. Hasta la vista, kiters. Hector Herrera Mr. Guatemalan KiteFliers
  9. Greetings! Amigos Kite fliers from all nations!!! This is the first time, I am in this forum, and would like to express my "very personal opinion", about the MEGA-FLY FIGURES MANUAL, that is about to be translated into the wonderfull Spanish Language. As some of you know, I am from Guatemala, and of course my first language is EspaƱol. But let me tell you how I feel about the spanish translation or ANY other language that comes aound this manual.- The original Manual was created in English, and I agree with Gustavo in the way that he is doing his translation, but it is of OUTMOST IMPORTANCE, to have a "UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE". In this case, it is logical and factible to use the English Language as such. ONLY FOR THE COMANDS! in other words, all the Revolution kite pilots of the world, will or would have to learn and memorise, if posible, the comands in English. I have suggested to Gustavo, if permisible, to writte another or second manual EXPLICITLY AND TOTALY IN SPANISH, for the entire Spanish Speaking community, and with some glosary or explanations of the English comands, for when the opportunity arises to fly in a team with people of different nationalities, and languages, THEN, WE ALL, APPLY, THE UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE.- We all kite fliers, of the world, will have to agree in a COMMON LANGUAGE. For the commands only. and please, don't make something simple, difficult, by adding comments that bring nothing positive. I can also say that soon sometime, we will hear this manual been writting in another language or languages, and why not, it belongs to the world. (ALLREADY) We have solution. Not problems. I'd like to add: Saludos to Gustavo, keep up with the good work. Hector Herrera "Mr. Guatemalan KiteFlier".-
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