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  1. The "No Fear Man" in action, very nice, I like everything especially the part at the ocean waves, that's not easy to do. Just everything is done with Mastery. Thanks you John for this gifts you give us all.


  2. Impress your friends with your language skills via http://babelfish.altavista.com/

    but be warned, some of the translation is a little interesting. It is better to learn the old fashioned way but it is good rough and ready solution.

    Bon courage mon amis.


    Very well done Stephen! that's the one I use, JEJEJEJE... I rather this jejeje or jajaja intead of LOL. it seems that LOL is cold. By the way, how do you say jejeje or jajaja in French? .....jajajaja... I think I've got you... :sign_kitelife: ...

  3. Hello !!!!

    Good to know that you hear about french bridle, i saw your drawing, you need a bridle on your break which alow to break always in the same direction !!!!. Your briddle has been change from the first one which was developp by Fabrice Baldan & David Duboc.I hope you understand my english !!!!.....

    I give you the link to find our bridle : http://www.revo-solution.com then go in item "revo-solution" +"revolution 1.5" then you can open our outdoor briddle and also inddor briddle !!!!!

    see you !!!!!

    Damien & Fabrice ,

    Equipo: "Los choferes Locos"...Hmmm, interesting name, Salut: comment allez-vous ? Damien & Fabrice! I have seen your bridles design before, and I want to know if you are using the last design? or are you still using the one I posted? If you are using the new or last design, How is it performing in team flying and how does it do individually when you go "crazy driving". Can you post a video where we can see you doing tricks, and what kind of bridles you use? if you can post a video of your team it woud be very nice, that way we get to know you better.


    Jusqu'à la fois prochaine

    Hector Herrera

    Guatemalan KiteFlier de temps.

  4. John, let me know how you make out with that bridle closer to the sail after you give it a good spanking, thats the one thing I'm sure I like is that its so far away.

    And also how much you shortened the ends of course :kid_smartass:

    Yeah, and naturally, me too...I'm quite interested.

  5. As per your request....(and I hope these guys from Revolution don't kick my .... end, for posting them) :confused!:

    Here they are..."The French Bridles" I guess also known as "Turbo Bridles".

    Hey guys, if any one of you, try and like those bridles, after I post the drawings, please let me know, just for my own satisfaction. It would make me feel good to know that sharing with you something I found at other forums, it makes you happy. Let's remember that those are not my design, I just copy them from another planet.

    Thanks guys and gals, Have fun, and start tricking maddly.


  6. Hi everyone, at was afraid, at first, to post this, but then I read John's topic on modifications, and decided to share this with you. I have known of the "French Bridles" for a while now, and just last week I decided to test it in my Old Rev. SUL 1.5, now, modified to Vented Rev. 1.5 and I am totally convinced that the French Bridles, are a mile and some, BETTER, than the regular bridles. "This is only my own personal opinion".

    With the French Bridles, I could do: GROUND PANCAKES, AXELS, FLIC-FLACS, AND...some good ground recovery, that CANNOT be done with regular bridles. Since videos speak better than words, I am sharing my last experience, with you, I had a lot of fun doing those tricks, over and over, The video is of poor quality, cause I use Microsoft video maker, and my Sony lap top is old, and for been the first time with these bridles in my Revo. 1.5 .......I guess I did pretty good. cjb-th_icon_clap.gifcjb-th_icon_clap.gif Anyway, I let you be the judge.


    Suggestion...try them, (French Bridles), you'll like them.

    Hector Herrera

    Mr. Guatemalan KiteFlier.

    I Fly for Victory.

  7. Hi Hector,

    late anser is absolutly no problem. On the second foto I thougt the "leitkante" (in germany we say leitkante - it means the big carbon tube in the front of the REV - what`s the name of this tube in the USA?) of your kite is broken. I´m glad to hear that your kite is allright. :D You had moore luck than I.

    Now I´m going to kite. We have nice wind today. :bye1:

    Have a nice weekend


    "leitkante" ...for us in the USA would be the "leading edge"... " (attacking front???)

    Hey Karl, send us some photos of you, your girl friend and of course your kites, and if you have any videos, even better. In what part of Germany are you at?.

  8. Hector,

    That was great! You gave me the confidence to try it with your pictures. Why is so much fun to take a fine tuned flying machine and swim it? That is so cool when it pops out of the water. No fear! Constant movement and slow, slow, slow = fun, fun, fun. If you have wind near some calm water try it you will end up with a huge smile on your face the first time it pops out.


    I am so glad that you all fellows, and gals, like the Swimming Kite, and after reading some postings, it seems that most would prefer calm waters... I am the NO FEAR type guy, and it encourage me to try it in rough waters...of course it should be planed in advance, as not to brake the kite, otherwise in not fun anymore, but the simple fact that it could be done in wild waters is tempting ???

    Did you know that after learning to fly duals and quads kites, I went to fly Paragliders? NO FEAR.

    (At least I did the tandem fly, then some lessons in wich I was airborne in my solo flite)...

    anyone wants to be the first to do it in rough waters and be famous??? :devil:

  9. Hello Hector,

    in may this year, I spend some days on Korsika, and it happened nearly the same to my 1.5 SLE. A wave catched my kite and had broken a vertical :( . Now I want to warn my german kitfriends, but I have no fotos from my accident. Are you allow me to show them your accident-fotos ?

    Thank you, and I wish you a nice and windy day. :rolleyes:

    Greetings from the south-west of Germany


    Hi Karl: Sorry I am answering so late, but I have not been in this forum lately... :blue-confused:

    Sure, you can show her the photos,... the only thing is that, my kite WAS NOT in any accident, I was doing some stunt kiting flying in and out of the water, and a couple of times I landed the kite on the sand, as you can see. The kite was never into any problems at all. :blue-cool:

  10. Well it is Official the Newport Kite Festival (July 14 - 15th) has been listed as such. Hope to see anyone that can make it, not sure what will be sanctioned for free flying areas yet but I'll be looking for anyone I don't know already flying a Rev.

    If anyone here is planning on going PM me and maybe we can get together and terrorize and flat out have a great time quad style :lol:

    Are you guys refering to Newport Beach, in California? :unsure::unsure:

  11. Very cute Congrats, Hector

    now all you have to do is frame bridle and make tiny quad handles, we'll all be waiting for the upcoming video

    I tought about it,... but the kid might chew on objects, and I didn't want to take any chances. As He grows he is gonna get the real thing obviously. For right now, he is just tossing the kite to the floor. Who knows??? He may be practicing 3D kiting allready... :unsure: You know..toss first, catch...hmmm...we'll wait for that.

  12. Let introduce myself My name is Samuel Alexis, I am 27 days old, and I have "MY OWN REV."

    My first Rev. kite was given to me, after church services, by my God Father Hector Herrera, who built it for me, when my MOM and my DAD were presenting me to God and the church congregation. I am first child for my Mom.

    post-921-1183947066_thumb.jpg post-921-1183947029_thumb.jpg post-921-1183947391_thumb.jpg

  13. I'm totally amazed on Hectors Video he landed leading edge down and rotated the kite in the water to take off. That has to be a pond only thing the ocean would never allow that with moving water.

    Now I have to find some fresh water with an open enough space.

    You people are bad influences Keep up the good work ;)

    Hmmm...The ocean would NEVER allow...hmmm it sounds like a little challenge for this intrepid kite pilot, just remember, there is NO FEAR, and there is a lot of ocean to conquer.

    This one goes for Mr. Denny:.. have you done any surf fishing?

    I did it years ago with a plastic bubble half full of water, and tossing far into the ocean, and 6 feet of fishing line with a feather hook at the end, then short pulls of the fishing pole, to atract fish.

    It seems to me that you are at a perfect place for that kind of fishing, BUT THE IDEA IS DOING IT WITH YOUR REV. ???? HA HA HA HA ANOTHER WILD IDEA FROM HECTOR HERRERA...


  14. This has been done by many people, I just want to share this video and encourage someone to give it a try. The way to do it is to pull the top lines, BUT BE VERY CAREFULL...DON'T DO IT WITH STRONG WINDS..."IT MAY CUT YOUR HAND OR YOUR FINGERS". This is very important for everyone safety. Now go ahead and give it a try, I was doing it with 12 feet lines lenght. It is easier, if the wind elevates the kite a lot, pull the lines at a very high angle, if the wind is low, pull the lines at a lower elevation. You will be your own judge on when and where to pull. Have fun.


    Héctor Herrera

    Mr. Guatemalan KiteFlier.

  15. Are there any Pics out there of Revs and the Twin Towers?

    Or Was I just really lucky to take these?

    Here are two Pictures I took at the 1999 New York Stunt Kite Championships..

    This was my First Major event and Man I was really hooked after I saw this team Fly.

    This is Team air Advantage

    This is my 10 year old Nephew with his Rev II.

    We were trying to Make it look like he was Landing on the Towers,

    But All I had was one of those Wind up Throw away Camera's.

    Still I think it is a great Picture..

    So.. What do you have in your Archives for Tower Pics?? Any..

    Hey Jay Nuñes !!! I lived in New York City, Brooklyn and Queens boroughs, for 7 years, and when I saw these pictures, it reminded me when I was in one of the very top floors of those buildings,...A long story short, I was arrested by INS. :( and they took me to a detention center they had in one of those buildings, after they found out I was NOT an ilegal alien, :o they released me. :unsure: No kites involved, but I was there.

    This picture you have, are now, a treasure.

  16. Fathers day lobster and steak dinner at my daughters house. Then I remembered, She lives on the water and has a long dock and a camera! I also have a video of loosing it and taking it totaly under. I was able to recover and fly out. The problem was I was flying on a narrow dock and was on the edge of the wind so there was no steping back to be done. What a great day. Fun fun fun.

    Lobster,...Steak...daughter's love, kite flying...in the water...man...Mr.Denny...You are a truly lucky man. Congratulations. Super nice picture.- where is this at?

    By the way, if you ever fly in that spot again, when you sink your kite, be with your belly on the front rail and you arms fully extended, ;) that will give you some space to back away and pull your kite.

    Ohh..wait a minute... :o there is no front rail, nor back rail??? :( Just do me a favor, be carefull or you and the kite will be swimming togheter... :lol:


  17. I have a question about that second picture. Did you get out of that :wacko: ? When I go nose first into the water it's usually is a disaster. That baby just doesn't want to back out. If you have a secret please share it with me as I love flying over and into the water. Sliding across the wind, upside-down, trailing LE dipping the water, throwing up that turkey tail is the best and fun to watch too. My favorite videos are of John B. playing around the water.

    There is no secret about it, al you have to do is: teach your kite how to swim :lol: ...Nah...nothing like that,... disaster is always around when you do something like this, once the sea wave catches the kite it will try to pull it into or out the sea, and you want it OUT, BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE. In the second picture I was really braking the kite from going into the sea. It´s a matter of "going with the wave" and as soon as the waves releases the water from the kite, its time to shake the sand away, fly out B) and dry some. I recomend when the kite is in the water, WALK BACK, TO SLOWLY, PULL THE KITE FROM THE WATER. The water has the same effect on the kite as the wind does,...it´s just HEAVIER.

    Don't forget to wash your kite with fresh water after your sea swiming encounter.

    Héctor Herrera

  18. Hermosa Beach, California.

    I was flying one of my home made flat kites (not a revo.) and I was told (by a lifesaver) that my kite would interfere with the airplanes frequency??? :blink: I explained the lifesaver that my kite had only 75 feet line lenghts, and would not interfere with any planes leaving from LAX (Los Angeles, International Airport) but he an another "lifesaver" didn't let me fly my kite. I have not been back at that beach ever, since then. :unsure: That's okay, there are thousands of miles of beach I can go to. B) And better ones. :P

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