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  1. no, double wrap the other loop (on top of the down-spar's end cap) Mark. The restrictor is usually so tight I advise folks to untie and lengthen the legs slightly, thereby reducing the overall size of the restrictor's loops themselves. Not so much as to advise Will on changing his bridle boards, just a pinch.

    Here's the test Mark. If you picked up the kite by just the two top flying line attachment points on the bridle,... are all those legs tight?

    In gusty conditions you may very well prefer the loop we are discussing as a single cap wrap, so it doesn't surge forward unexpectedly. I fly with so much "down" in the tuning that the kite doesn't want to to do that,.... you have to FORCE it. You can even remove the restrictor entirely and have fun experimenting with it that way.

    I've played with extending that center attachment point further away from the leading edge and banging' it down closer too. One way makes more sense for light, smooth wind and the other for those big changes in conditions usually associated with an approaching storm front.

  2. ok, so it didn't go as I planned with my bride('s quad lesson,... like that's a first)

    I flew and she mostly watched, except for a night fly and short sunday afternoon session on her single lined kites. Thanks to everyone for stepping up with offers of help and encouragement though, made us both feel great!

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  3. The restrictor "limits" the amount of lateral movement on the center point of the bridle attached to the leading edge. You may like it without, as it's more similar to a stock bridle's wiggle-waggle.

    The "afterburners" kick in when the kite is powered up and you want even more acceleration (huge surge of power forward regardless of the handle/leader tuning). They further distort the frame to capture more air pressure. Usually most of the energy is transmitted to the parameter edges of the kite frame. The attachment point to the tops of the down-spars is where you may see slack (say you were standing under the kite as someone else flew an inverted hover over your head). You can fetch-up tighter during the installation process (double wrapping the end=cap with the attachment loop on the tops of the down spars) or you can leave it as a single wrap (as most bridles are installed)

    All the bridle attachment loops should enter the end-caps from the center of the sail, outward. You have more legs too, so you are spreading the stress over a greater surface area

    I've probably bought 3 dozen of these FB string things, mostly in the 1.5 size. I crafted the installation directions and advised Will Sturdy on how to pkg\deliver the product so it's easily installed by anyone. I've given him specific kites to fit the bridle to as well. I didn't come up with any of this stuff, just adapted it for my own usage.

    I was at Huntington Beach this past weekend and David Hathaway (Monkey, Team I-quad) had a go on my modified Zen. I was using it almost exclusively for 5 days since the wind never got any higher than 10 mph. He laughed and said his is tucked in a corner of the residence and never used. I've worn two of them out & couldn't imagine a better solution for low/no-wind! Jeff Burka figured he'd never need his, so it was left at home in DC. Both of these fliers are master-class holding box stock Zens and it's not cutting it performance-wise. Both found my wing much more enjoyable, instantly.

    I've heard about hybrid mixed frames, but a Zen with a diamond frame is the hot set-up, PERIOD Since I fly very aggressively, I prefer a Travel Frame of diamonds, I will break sticks and I only want to replace a short piece on-site.

    The french bridle alters the bending of the frame compared to what you are used to. A stock bridle bends the frame in the center. The french bridle bends on the outer thirds of the leading edge first, if you kick-in the afterburners also you are distorting the center portion slightly as well.

    You don't need all the crap on my kites, but none of it is a detriment to low wind flight. If you were only going to do one thing at a time I'd say to add the Magic sticks first, (dramatically alters the glide) then the french bridle (more responsive to pilot commands), thereafter you are making the kite differently during it's construction. A tighter fit between the leading edge sleeve and the spar (only one tube fits and it's snug too = a tighter and more efficient sail). As for the extra reinforcing patches built into the leading edge sleeve? That is how the highest-end kites are made by Bazzer and Shook now, proven to double the lifespan of your kite. (the part that wears-out now for me is the trailing edge)

    I might be willing to buy your old unused Zen, but I really like getting a new one from Revolution after BAzzer makes the sail and Eliot crafts the leading edge. Barbara told me on the way home last night she "understand" if I needed another replacement sail, but it's a definite "NO" to an early retirement for me. <LOL!>

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  4. I have some duplicate revs to share, (bought as one for each hand ~ to master two at once flying) Barbara won't care, she'll want her own kites if it bites her at all.

    Best thing for Revolution? She's runs our family's wallet.

    It used to go like this...

    "Hello Barbara, it's revolution kites calling. Do you think your husband would like a Jose Sainz Aztec bird masterpiece in Red and Black? We only have the one in those colors"

    Why would they call me?, Barbara is the DM (decision maker)

    I used to buy only Red and Black kites so they all looked the same, oh I was slicker than oiled glassware then! I've had to ask friends if they would please assist me with getting a new kite, I'm too embarrassed to ask her myself AGAIN. Lisa Willoughby asked if I could acquire #54, my great gal said "yes!!!"

    I've ordered two, lied about their combined price and said it was just one kite, honest to God lover! That is really hard to do straight-faced with Shook masterpiece kites.

    Lately I just ordered the sails alone, with a separately built custom leading edge sleeve (thanks again Eliot!) whether the sail is made by Bazzer or Shook I want it built my way and furnished the materials to have it that way AND pay extra for the privilege!

    My wife designs her own jewelry, selecting the stones, swapping sketches back and forth with the designer until she's happy with the expected settings. They can go thru a few clasps, or earing-backers until they arrive at the final solution. They can dismantle old stuff, slag the metal and start all over again. If she gets into Revs like she collects kites or jewelry somebody will be covering the rent for the foreseeable future.

    At this moment in time, I can honestly tell you Barbara owns more kites than the number of times she has actually flown one. If you think about that statement you can see my enthusiasm. 20+ years, heck we got married and the next day was the Smithsonian Kites festival, so our honeymoon hotel was close to that field! We'll go to kite fest and my bride will buy a couple of kites and never fly them, times a few festivals per year, times a couple of decades. Oh, she doesn't want the stuff that is commercially available, oh no, she follows Brassington into his hotel room, going thru his luggage looking for that prized possession that is absolutely NOT for sale. That's the pieces she wants! Told Scott Hampton she didn't know how much longer she would live and to quit holding out on her. Give her one of those prized children you've created Scott, your first borne male. None of the items for sale to the public are of any interest. My gal knows how to commission artwork too. Banners and displays that are windless are a particular passion. She loves kids the most so her favorite kites are mini-roks flown on sewing thread. You pick 'em from the crowd "waist-high" participants, each student gets a mentor.

    She can't outbid Comras head-to-head at the auction, but she is not above dirty tactics to get her way either. I respect and support her superiority in every way! It's not that I'm a bad husband, it's just that everyone should have a Barbara. My bride should have her own Barbara, somebody who does it better than than you, faster and with more love too. But I'm not teaching her to fly quad

  5. Thank you one and all, making it special for my best gal is greatly appreciated. I know she will enjoy a variety of mentors very much, Jim Foster in particular!

    Her kite is all fixed up now, with a new Diamond Travel frame coming from Lolly in case the wind is too low. Lights handy, but not affixed until necessary. We arrive Thursday, but doubtful I will see any airtime until the misses is set up properly. We are both "morning people" and from the wrong time-zone by 3 hours. We will undoubtedly by up at oh-dark:30 and work on some kiting techniques or at least have a nice long walk on the pier to se if we can reset our internal clocks.

    We'll see if we can set the quad-lined hook for my Barbara as deep as it's set in me!

  6. Ha!! Mark, no Barbara is fully aware that to fly team you'll have to qualify first,... she's heard those dinner-time stories many times. You know, where good friends of ours are forced to go fly over on the side of the group aLOnE for now. She's also heard that the weakest flyer gets their choice of all the kites set-up and that, "that winning pilot" has to go get a different kite for themselves to use as a reward. As the wind conditions change and that newbie comes back for another selection process.

    Eventually they are FORCED into the team line arrangement, completely ashamed of their skills (weren't we all feeling that the 1st time?). We usually have them lead the team-line first, so they get comfortable with folks standing close-by. Then they are slapped into the middle, but never offered the "back of the bus" when I'm around. Next thing you know they are one of us and sometimes a leader emerges.


    I certainly appreciate you stepping up and I will take you up on the mentor offer! Be creative in your dining/luncheon pleasure expectations as well. You will eat like the king when my bride is involved.

  7. I've been a quad-head for about 23 years now, literally dozens of their kites have come and gone through our home during this time-frame. I've helped a few folks over the years with a lesson or a loaner kite too.

    My wife wants "in" at KP-2015


    You don't teach your own loved ones to drive a car (or how to play golf!) I can't see her as my eager student with a quad-line kite either!, (she couldn't fully appreciate my unique wit & wisdom)

    Last night the wife asked me where her Revolution 1.5 kite was, ... (as it was removed from her bag)

    and of course if she didn't, that only leaves me left to blame <HA!> anyway I moved it to the "B'bag" of MY rev kites, but NO she wants to learn how to fly it. You don't teach loved ones to drive and I want someone else to help my "best gal in the whole world" learn to fly. Barbara's got a SLE Rev with 3 wraps all around that was used to teach the Blue Angeles Team how to pilot a sport kite. A pretty cool story too, about how it came to be in her possession.

    So she then tells me, as I'm assembling it and confirming it's all good to go. "HEY! I want all your modifications put on it, even the new Shook LED lights! And, change the frame to Diamonds also, but maybe you can get Lolly to deliver the replacement frame up to Huntington Beach so we don't pay for freight (she runs our household's money).

    She likes the TC Ultra handles as the winder is built in, but I'll set her up with some no-snags and some proper type of line-set just in case she knuckles under.

    She has never touched a sport kite of any kind before, but at least she'll not be banging' your kites during the lesson(s).

    So who is going to KiteParty 2015 and wants a mission as her mentor for a couple of training sessions? This is serious, a compensated position in fact, in the manner you see fit (probably!) I'm absolutely certain you could squeeze her for lunch and cocktail if that's to your liking! We will both make this worthwhile of your instructional efforts. Who wants a shot (or tag-team training w/my bride)?


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  8. kite:

    full sail, B-series or NYM, with Revolution's Diamond (instead of the 2 wrap) and a Green Race (instead of the 3 wrap) upgraded frame options

    Seriously consider the travel frame option and a couple of additional sticks w/ and w/o ferules. Now you can make hybrid frame experiments and any damage is quickly swapped out as 1/6 of the cost. Plus, living in the other hemisphere you bought spare tubes just in case. Learn a few hours on the green race first and then tryout those diamonds, Your kite has a huge wind range (zero to mid-double digit mph)


    12 feet of "hi-test bridle line, 100# strength" to make you own adjustable leaders. Two different colors would be a very nice addition,... wink, wink

    a roll of vinyl electrical tape (I like red on the right handle, so they easier to identify when laying on the ground). You can make a quick sand cap cover for the beach, so the tubes don't get stuck in the caps)

    a long phillips head screw-driver and a carbiner clip, for tuning line lengths as a stationary point

    a couple of sharpie markers (Silver & black, Red & blue, Green & orange)


    13 inch minimum, (might enjoy the 15s more), no-snags, (or create your own no-snags from the steel handles with a dry-wall moly and trumpet headed wood screw)


    you need to make certain you can meet-up with another quad-head at your earliest possible convenience

    (this travel time will save you vast amounts of money in the long run and cut YEARS off of your learning curve too)


    Bring the family (after you get a handle on the lesson crowd situation individually) and make some new friends as well as sharing your pleasure with the misses. She comes first ALWAYS, like the queen she is, otherwise you'll be going alone for kiting activities forever!

  9. Bump

    We're still interested in the status of the Helium project.

    I am willing to assist in any manner, even having Barbara call you with a credit card number if you can't wait for her cheque to clear!

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  10. any darn thing is possible with the Revolution Kite Company!

    are you willing to wait for it though, pay extra, possibly compromise your concept somewhat for manufacturing capabilities as well?

    The difference is a feeling, you might hook-in to the NYM and love it instantly! It has a few sail/venting variations to make a full suite of kites (differing wind range target points when compared to the Shook, B-Series or Pro kites)

    Like anything else, it's a flavor of flight and you need to try out both models side-by-side to see if you personally have a preference that warrants purchasing one over the others.

    I have a pretty serious commitment to the Pros and Shooks, ..... I'm almost AFRAID to like the New York Minute models for fear of divorce proceedings from the best bride in the whole world. I can't afford to loose Barbara


  11. fooled around a bunch with these lights, the hot set-up appears to be mounting 'em onto a Shook Mesh Masterpiece. The LEDs backlight the kite, but also show directly through the sail towards the flier. It's very visible from either the front or the back for the spectators. I'm only dragging one unit on each magic stick unless they're affixed to the zen, then the two pack per side rules. A mostly white sail maximizes the visual effect, honestly? they look pretty cool just sitting in a stationary hover or resting on the ground.

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  12. Rev forum erotica? You guys are killin' me!

    it's just another kite, (although kind of like a mistress) I think of her often, she's demanding on my schedule too, I likewise am embarrassed when she takes so much of my time away from my bride Barbara. I need her all fixed in the next few days though, so I can spank her hard during the holidays, (she'll enjoy that as much as me!)


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  13. Another 1.5 Hot fade/black center, full sail SUL Pro

    with Eliot Shook's custom leading edge sleeve of mylar backed nylon and extra reinforcing patches at the folds and the center.

    I've still gotta' burn holes, add elastic & knot covers, frame it (diamonds or p-90s), plus the sissy sticks and french bridle.

    I might train this one with my matching Zen, probably on 5 foot lengths, if so then the training wheels will go onto the back kite so as to not interfere with the train lines when slack lining the 2-stack.

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  14. Hi Ben,

    The best of luck with new financial opportunities my friend. I hope to see you at one of the kiting events real soon and it will be just like "old times" once again! Thanks for everything you've done for me and the rest of the Revolution family of fliers. I guess we should hear some good ones from the office-mates now that you aren't under their noses every day, right? Ha!

    plm & bb

  15. a single skin flies differently than a shaped sail, the difference is the airflow (& weight), so you might prefer a single skin in low wind and more shaped sail when it's blowing harder.

    Back before Bazzer and Shook, even before the B-series as released,..... "You could make a better kite than Revolution yourself" Well anyway, we flew a knockoff called the 1point6 for probably a decade. It was a bonded assembly process (no-sew single-skinned sail) with a laser straight leading edge, more depth to the center Vee (a foot instead of 9 inches), used longer down spars (32-1/2 vs 30") and didn't have any leading edge venting. It was made from the SLE, but had to be stripped down to fly in our local no-wind conditions. Harold Ames did most of the hard stuff, he'd make a kite and i'd test it for a few weeks, then we'd meet again and debate the findings. Eventually after a few sessions we arrived at the current design. It's old school but you could use the SLE tubes and fly it in no wind. Imagine how your throws would look when you have such javelin as these fat tubes for the leading edge!

    So is the single skin solution better or worse? That's a personal connection. For me I haven't felt the urgent need to instant order one of these kites after a few testing sessions w/OPKs. I have Bazzer's Pros and Shook's mesh kites that seem to me to fill all the needs, from port-potties blowing over to indoors or underwater.

    The ability to control the graphics on a single skin has changed a lot of things for pilots around the world. You'll go and do what you know needs to be done!~

  16. I used a full vent & green race Friday afternoon locally, had to take office leave as it was windy for a change, Sunday is fly-day,.... I expect no wind again!

    Flew again Sunday at the Washington Monument this time,

    first on the Zen/Diamonds and LPG 50#/100s,

    then to one of Steve Polansky's full sails/Diamonds on Skybond 100#120s,

    finally wound up the day on a custom Shook 75% Grn Race (w/a stock bridle ~ that pronounced oversteer is present again!)

  17. I am the kind of guy who will chop up a $600.00 kite to make it do what I want, as opposed to complaining. Also, there is very much satisfaction in seeing your own modifications perform well.

    I concur with these 2 statements wholeheartedly

  18. Good points, I agree Steven, none of the Revs are much fun to just glide around, they cry out to be spanked aggressively, dump that air pressure, flail around a bit & snap 'em back to fully powered flight in a heartbeat. Axeling the Zen is timed with a sundial, while a Rev2/B2 can hardly do less than a couple sequential axels in one command. No other kite design can do the throw & catch as easily (or look as nice doing it!)

    30 to 50 foot lines is about the size of a Rev2 window. At that size you don't even need the LE venting, just a wrap-around leading edge is sufficient. You could make this kite easily with 9460 bonding tape by 3M as a no-sew project. I'd use a full sail concept, P-90 leading edge and a tapered down spar, probably a 2PT, no bridle and long throw handles to get the kite flat effortlessly. You should be able to throw that format around with abandon, even flying up wind with practice. (Jeff Burka comes to my mind immediately). This size of line set should be pretty impervious to swilling gusts, obstructions like trees or buildings and directional changes by the breeze every few seconds.

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