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  1. particularly fun with some mods slapped on it.  Oh well it was worth a try Monkey

    Anyone want to even-up swap a Zen to receive an Original Reflex (I did add 16" magic sticks so it would clam-shell and unroll effortlessly)?



  2. 17 hours ago, monkey said:

    I'e flown and adored my full size Reflex quite a bit, nothing beats it in low wind! The Kite Collective did killer demos in 2mph with them when everything else was struggling.

    and you don't even carry your Zen?  Want to swap a full size original reflex in exchange for an unused kite hiding in the back of the closet?  I can assure you, that Zen will get some airtime with me.  My 1st and 2nd Zens are sorely in need of trade-in, heck even the 3rd one feels old now.

    let me know Monkey

  3. I use the lightest weight frame available as conditions and kite sail selections warrant.  Alone,

    I want it very flexible so it "powers up" instantly when doing tricks or slack line floating.  In a team environment I would prefer the kite "tracks" better, sacrificing some of that natural power-up that happens when the frame cups the wind.  I guess I should state, I run with a different bridle (more legs, less wiggle) and magic sticks on the back too.  These items stiffen the frame and spread the stress over a larger surface area (like a suspension bridge) also increasing the responsiveness of pilot commands (for me, you might think it's too twitchy)

    My set-up with a two wrap or Diamond frame flies when my flying companion/friends are all using Green race.  I carry up to 4 wraps, but my God it has to almost blowing over the porta-potties before I will use 'em.  I never double up the leading edge tubes because I have the sleeves built tight to a single stick.  Two won't even fit in there.  Tight is more repsonsive.  Maybe using a Shook 135% with diamond frame, flying it in a steady high single digits to low teens wind range.  Why?, because that set-up is so slick smooth, it doesn't even look like I'm on the handles.  Another time I'm spanking a 40% Mesh with green race when everyone else is on Vickis, Extra vents or Shook 135s.  Why? because I'm at the back of the quad team line and I can veer off at any "Man Song Moment" to throw down a slack line trick.

    If I like how a particular sail pattern is flying I'd switch out the leading edge rather than go set-up a new kite. At a competition though every possible selection choice would have string and handles, be on the field with me ready, so I could select at the last possible second.

    A flexible frame always captures every winking bit of air pressure, but the kite wants to turn inside it's own center too.  It won't track a straight line for beans, without excessive inputs.  Slap a stiff frame in there and tracks like it was on railroad tracks, but it won't float all 4 lines on the edge and stay powered up unless you move your feet when stationary if the wind dies suddenly.

    Want to "throw the kite"?,... that criteria leans towards a stiffer & heavier leading edge tube choice, so you can penetrate the down-wind like a javelin.  Want to catch the kite?,.... now a flexible leading edge has preference, so it floats longer upwind instead of falling straight down from directly above.

    I'd recommend you get as wide a selection of frame members as possible, Diamonds, black race, green race, 3 wraps 4 wraps,..... all of them, heck you might even prefer the bending and response of the 2 and 3 wraps.  they're not my choice, but lots of folks swear by 'em.  ShyShark makes a great tube too, I've used cut-down 2P tapers as down spars for low wind.

    Experimenting is almost as much fun as flying.

    I truly live in the land of no-wind,... 5 months out of the year we have indoor conditions with an unlimited ceiling!  We get a steady double digit wind?, then the schools will be closed for a week.  I had to learn technique and address equipment needs to master these local conditions.  Probably 25K dollars and ten thousand hours.  Guess what? I own no-wind now, I prefer it and secretly pray for a dead calm when in competition.

    Black race = weight of 2wrap with the strength of 3 wraps

    green race = that same stick above, but now it's so strong it can go under water (thanks for complaining Rich Comras, we miss U!) because of a coating applied

    Diamonds = super responsive, delicate custom order spar, (like an indoor tube in weight) used outside, expensive and worth EVERY PENNY.  Not fishing pole carbon, but stuff for NASA's needs.  Yeah that is the ticket to low wind.  The responsiveness of cross-bow with the weight of an archer's bow

    I probably have a couple of dozen revolution kites in various configurations of frames and sails pattern layouts.  Lets say half of 'em are for no or low wind. Like the golfer who owns a bunch of putters, trying to find that one that's sprinkled with magic dust.

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  4. I received a new travel light weight case for the holidays from the best gal in the whole world,....


    It hold half a dozen revs and six sets of handles effortlessly, although the Zen needs to be travel-framed to fit. Light weight and strong enough for protection unless run over by a car.


    It's not for everybody but surely fits my purposes perfectly.


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  5. added a 135% mesh from Eliot Shook, patterned after my Zen's graphics

    custom leading edge sleeve, sticks and french bridle, used it with Green Race and 4 wraps depending on how hard it was blowing this past weekend. I didn't need this kite, told Eliot I didn't want one, finally admitted the need but was hesitant to discuss w/Barbara. Eliot played my wife like a musical instrument over dinner and afterwards over another adult beverage in the room. Eventually my bride surrendered to this extreme pressure, then Eliot pulls it out of the bag all finished in my colors and my specifications of construction. Sweetest delivery schedule EVER and thanks again to my best girl in the whole world for allowing yet another procurement of fine Revolution products!

    Pictures soon, not my best suit though


  6. Phil Broder stocks it at his kite builder site,

    it comes in all different weights, backpack thickness, tent, tarp, super light weights too, like Orcon, that delicate. It's a laminated product, the strands aren't woven, it's "bonded",... comes is a couple of semi translucent colors. There's a Black 1.0 weight that's a perfect replacement to the out-of-production mylar-backed nylon I used to prefer for custom leading edge sleeves.

    I believe those printed rev-sail folks in Europe are also offering a model of Cuben fabric in the near future, although I'm not sure of their exact weight.

    Misses told me to buy some and give it a try,...

    ..... it's 35 dollars per square yard, Icarex, on the other hand (always reliable, dare I say the best fabric for sport kites?) is like half of that amount!

  7. a brldle will spread the stress of flight over a greater area of framing, (therefore offering a larger wind range) so you still could do the direct connect AND a bridle all on the same kite. You're almost to a Blast styled shape, might you consider two down spars on each side Mark, its 'just notched corner taken off at the bottom?

    KiteSquid and I did the Ryv 1.6 cooperative project back in 1999-2000 for the Smithsonian KiteFest (50th year anniversary is this April 2016), it had a 32-1/2 inch tapered down spar, was a no-sew construction and missing the leading edge venting, but kept the SLE leading edge tubes and was built laser straight (no curvature built into the leading edge construction). It also had a deeper "vee" 12 inches instead of nine.

    We used a printing process to create solar system scenes from Illustrator on nylon and the two kite locked together in flight through rare earth magnets countersunk in vinyl tubing that also incorporated the spars' end-caps. (polarity matters during this assembly, HA!)

    looks like a fun experiment, enjoy and keep us advised of your progress.

    cuben fabric interesting to you yet?, since you're working towards no-wind anyway

  8. the sticks give you a field recovery free that can't be matched without 'em,.... the bridle is more about a personal preference Mark. The glide is this,.. take the kite as high as possible and turn the leading edge down. Now from this position, throw the handles out in front of you (released completely from your grasp) and watch the kite seek the horizon, not drop like a stone.

    The sticks alter the balance point significantly and add a support structure like the wires of a bi-plane's wings are tied together, so you can frame lighter and still survive and enjoy a little breeze even. I've compared 20 inch to 18's for the past few weeks. The longer ones are great for backlighting the kite, further away, more surface illuminated, but it will not come back to me for a "catch",..... instead it horse-shoe shaped flights around and seeks the downwind recovery described above, no matter where or how severely you yank. The 18 inch ones come back like magnetism, it doesn't drop from on high directly down to you, no it glides up and then slowly descends to your outstretched grasp.

    We are still experimenting, but right now the two out-hall lines that feed from the center bridle point to the bottom attachment points are being shorten by the diameter of a Sharpie Pen with an overhand knot to pull this point more directly over the down spar.

    The center point (of the bridle's attachment to the frame & center hole of the sail) can't wiggle left or right at all. In fact, al the bridle legs should be tight when picked up by the two top attachment points only. The length of this line can be varied, but my experience says it should be a "fist's worth of distance away on the Zen" to keep the widest possible wind range.

    There a certain magic that comes from a Diamond frame on the Zen, it's not just lighter weight but also remarkably responsive too. You can flail all around SLOWLY and it will fill back up with air in a very controllable manner. You can half axel and leave it in a fade, without impacting mother earth,.. long enough for folks to notice who weren't watching you!

  9. added a new custom Zen from Bazzer and Eliot Shook,

    sweet, just like I expected it to be,... Lolly came thru w/a Diamond Travel Frame for it too!!!

    it arrived with 20 inch magic sticks, waterproof flashing LEDs (for backlighting illumination) and a french bridle

    Eliot made the leading edge sleeve, built tighter to the frame and out of Mylar-backed nylon so it appears metallic in flight, stiffening the sail and offering a reduced final weight. He also added covers over the knots on the bottom of the sail and "locked down" those spars into a restraint-styled belt-loop holder.

    Thanks everyone for your efforts.


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  10. trying a 20 inch set (2" longer) this time on the new Zen,... man, a crispy new sail is so nice, shines like a diamond in the sunlight too.

    Comparisons will be complicated by those wear differences to be sure, but that old #2 still flies great, it's just tattered with some replacement panels and a "once over" by Eliot Shook to install a new trailing edge.


    So I carry at least 2 matching Zens, it's time for one in each hand (they're so big and the pull is tiring quite quickly on my delicate grip, it will be long time to toughen up and master these two kites. I'm no where near Dugard, who pales in comparison to Stevie. A long time!)

    If the sticks are too long, it won't roll over "automatically" when released into the wind, (clam-shell) but the longer sticks support LEDs for backlighting and the further away the more powerful the visual effect. I can't leave 'em different configurations, one size has to be superior in light dynamics, so I need to get the comparisons done soon and make them match-up.

  11. this is a guy with at least a dozen revs and with a couple of dozens of years of quad-lined experience, a grand national champion kite builder too. Some folks you just can't help because they will NOT accept advice from anyone. He has reached the conclusion the rest of us arrived at long ago (or were instructed in from the beginning), and he did it all by his lonesome self <LOL!>

    Some readers can already identify my mysterious friend and also tried to inch him towards the reverse well water for some decent refreshment

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  12. Does this sound right to you?

    so the other day a few of use were flying together in team formations and one of my buddies commented that he had to increase the amount of braking action on his kite so that he could maintain the same speed as everyone else.

    The reality is this knucklehead is finally getting the big picture AFTER decades of folks badgering him.

    The science of this adjustment is simple enough, "he needs to get the sail MORE square to the wind direction, thereby creating maximum pressure",..... then he won't struggle to keep powered up or to remain airborne during stationary maneuvers.

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  13. The Smith is offering excuses on a performance? Maybe the completely dominate reign of all blue kites is finally OVER?

    I'd be happy to compete Dennis, all of us packed into one day, that's an excellent idea & how can I help you and Jack to make it happen? (besides physical labor!)

    Last time you were defeated by me was 2004 on Jockey's Ridge. I believe the winds were a steady 28 with gusts to 35 mph for 3 days and two nights back then. "I see you have learned how to back-up Paul"

    So this weekend I snuck one by my ole buddy. Oh how he'll strive to undue that damage thru repetition. Based upon passed experiences, I will be getting his luggage again for the next decade too!


  14. This past weekend (admittedly it was a long one & G-R-E-A-T) a bunch of us showed up in Ocean City, MD for some kite flying. Honestly?, the ground was littered with Revs in every direction. Four separate multi-lined ballet teams were even assembled for impromptu competition in front of the Kite-loft Sunday! An experiment was performed behind the backs of a few of us as follows:

    Eliot Shook had a 135% mesh out with 4 wraps (stock, no sticks or modifications of any kind)

    Paul Dugard had a 75% mesh with green race rods (and magic sticks on their stock bridle)

    I had a 40% mesh with Diamonds, sticks and a french bridle

    Cath (the motivating mother of these woven strip quads!) flew each of our kites, one after the other in rapid sequence and pronounced them all "perfectly tuned and appropriate for the conditions today". We flew them in various team settings all afternoon, together. Did you notice, that each kite in this sequence above has more sail surface area and a lighter, more flexible frame than the previous?

    What you see here is why these masterpiece kites are sometimes considered costly,...

    Each kite represents a hugely available wind range though (where flight is pleasurable not merely possible), made even wider still thru variable framing choices, almost like getting two kites on one. Each thought we had the hot set-up for the day, NO WAY said mamma-mesh!

    I have heard rumors that the Shook Mesh Masterpiece kites FAILED the wind-tunnel testing in extraordinary fashion,... okay, fine,...... but don't change a thing because they work pretty super in real life.

  15. Nobody misses that meet and greet!

    Please come on out and make yourselves known too, enjoy some hospitality with us.

    Saturday all the sport kite comps take place (all events in one day, no precision events are being offered at all, indoor comp is Monday), but we're not a "front field" outside either, so a place to sit, even a tarp may prove to be beneficial.

    I am easy to find, my kites all pretty much look the same, (hot fade, black center ~ see my icon) I am up early everyday and pray for no wind so if you struggle with these conditions come out and fly one of my modified kites for a test-drive. The beach is positively huge, so there's lots of room to fly by yourselves or with a group, or just stand around romancing with your friends, like the rest of us.

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  16. It's a Thursday thru Tuesday show for the two pauls

    (Paul Dugard and Paul LaMasters), 05/21/2015 to 05/26/2015

    see ya' then, I hope

    PS: All the sport kiting activities are compressed into a single day (on Saturday & no precision events are being offered at all)

    GOOD!, I can finally focus unseating my friend & adversary Dennis Smith in MMB

  17. okay, it's an SUL, lighter and more delicate than your current model patterned after my efforts, (with all that modification crap on it). The material (fabric) is very light for the sail and translucent to sunlight (or an LED) also. The frame is delicate, but worthy of outside in very low wind conditions.

    The kite also flies indoors (right out of the shipping container) with no adjustments necessary. It uses a stock-ish bridle and is the same size/shape as the 1.5 platform we all know and love so much. So it flies like a matched-set should, no dramatic transition of skill-sets from indoors to outside.

    I'd say it's in-between the dedicated indoor and a Zen in performance,.. not as flexible or squirrelly as the indoor model is outside, but still that slow graceful presence feature of the Zen whether using wind or your feet indoors

    Wind range is probably 2 mph down to a negative number!

    uncle ben Dantonio was flying it on about a 100 feet of line in a dead calm, not working hard or moving around much at all, all this when most everyone was watching from the sidelines. It might not be for lessons or beginners, but it's going to a be a requirement during the summer months of the Mid-Atlantic states for the WOW hard-core faithful.

    I am not sponsored except by my own bride, HA!

    You want one of these unless you live on the northern coast of an ocean and never have a lack of wind. I won't buy an ultra-vented Rev because it will not see enough use to justify the expense, on the other hand I'd buy two of these as soon as possible. Wear one of 'em out and see how I want it modified for great durability or improved performance. Meanwhile I have a spare for lessons or to continue working on one in each hand at the same time.

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