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  1. Hi Kite - mates Manual "Guide": Translation into Spanish version: Flank = Side = Flanco Face = Leading Edge = Borde de Ataque Fall in = Descender - Caer Follow = Seguimiento Good winds
  2. Hi Kites- mates: About Standad Calls Commands: Mike please, I think that it could be good include in your manual a Summary "How to Calls Commands for English people". You know, the same terms for all, also is easy not only for translation of the Spanish Version; also on going to work in the same way for "Spanish terms" by our people. I think that it works by pilosts as technical terms or professional. Thanks to all and good winds.
  3. Hi, kite-mates I agree with Hector, that the universal language is English. My point of view is about the "translation into Spanish Version" for people (everybody) who do not speak English . ¡The manual is a guide! Everybothy are agree? So, I think that maybe the solution could be: I translate all the manual into Spanish language putting a note that the "Purpose of the Author" is to use the same terminology on maneuvers and commands names, when two o more international pilots decided flying Revos in team. I include a note recommending memorize the maneuvers and commands names in English. (common international language) Please remember that the manual, English or Spanish version is a guide. Expecting for news, Good winds,
  4. Hi, Kite-mates, I would like to say that on a one hand we have this issue: "Translation into spanish Version" for people who do not speak English. On the other hand: " The Calls Commands" by the pilot leader - on the fly field. By the first one, I think that I have to translate the commands, not the name of maneuvers;obviously including a Glossary or Vocabulary in Spanish Version. But, I think that is very different from "How to work in a fly field with international pilots". My opinion is that the best choice is that the Leader Pilot has to do an agreement with their International kites-mates on how Calls the Commands! - ...English, Spanish, French, German, language and so on! Eventually, in that way we hav 2 version on the same Manual: "English + Spanish" and we have the opoortunity to know, understand and learn the maneuvers and commands on both languages. Expecting for news! Best wishes to all Gustavo Di Si
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