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  1. Hi Friends, Thanks for the comments, Mario: is very difficult to fly in that environment; it is surrounded by trees and buildings. That day the wind blew strong from south with turbulence. It was a difficult task. At night the park is closed, I have to get permission from the Municipality. John: You know that you are welcome, we expect the next time with iQuad. When that happens, I would also like to fly with you guys Ezequiel included. Ben: Thanks for your feedback. And remember you are welcome too. Big hug to all
  2. Divertimento with Revolution 1.5 SUL on Floralis Genérica´s monumemn at Nations Park – Buenos Aires – Argentina- Hope enjoys it. http://www.elalmadelpiloto.com.ar/2010/02/revolution-15-sul-floralis-gen%C3%A9rica-d%C3%ADa-de-san-valent%C3%ADn.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+ElAlmaDelPiloto-ThePilotsSoul+%28El+Alma+del+Piloto+-+The+Pilot%27s+Soul%29 Thanks and Good winds
  3. Hi, I would like to share with you a new video from Nicolás, I hope enjoy it: http://www.elalmadelpiloto.com.ar/2009/10/...-piloto-jr.html Thanks and good winds
  4. Pay Pal sent, please grid number 41 Good winds
  5. Hi, Friends, ...you are welcome. Thanks to you! Good winds Kite mates.
  6. ...Maybe...I would like that some day we can fly together in your an my Country good winds and thanks!
  7. Hi, friends I would like to share those new videos, fFrom Argentina Links Videos: <U> </U> http://www.elalmadelpiloto.com.ar/2009/01/training-precision-stron-wind-revolution-15-vented-rio-negro-2009.html http://www.elalmadelpiloto.com.ar/2009/01/entrenamiento-rutina-la-playa---cometa-revolution-15-sul---patagonia-argentina---provincia-de-r%C3%ADo-negro---playa.html Good Winds
  8. Hey, Congratulations Mario. I hope see you in Argentina next November in a Wind Party 2008 Kite Festival....I would like to fly with you Good winds!
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    Pictures Revolution 1.5 - Indoor - Trains - Team -
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