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  1. Hello all....I am going to paste a link to a Kitebuilder topic here and I hope it's OK.

    It just came up that Cliff and Gerry Pennell have had a lot of kites stolen from an airport and they are asking for help in recovering them. For those of you that do not know the Pennell's...they are great people and build some GREAT kites. Please help out if you can and please check out the link as many of the kites are pictured there. Maybe someone will see them for sale or flying on a lonely beach somewhere.


    Please help these great people.



  2. Didn't sell in 5 minutes, took almost 20 minutes. Thanks to all who responded.


    Well, If the cash had been in the bank for it...it would have lasted LESS than 5 minutes. I think I fell on it by accident a couple of minutes after you put it up. Charlie got a great deal.


  3. John M.

    Did you ever find the pics of the shopping cart quad? I ran across it the other day....shucks...I should have saved it. It looked like another Kisa kite. She does some really nice and interesting stuff....clown, dancing couple, shopping cart etc. I wish she could make it to one of our festivals over here.

    Thanks for sharing these interesting kites.


  4. not low self esteem, just a nick i have had for years. The headset in question is a jawbone, you can order it from the websit, just add the dotcom to the name. or go to you local cingular dealer and you can get one for a bit over 100 bucks, it works really good, during CES 2007 (were they have about 500-3000 business man, and journalist hollering away at once) they had a few people testing this device and said the only problem was controling there own voice levels, since they didn't have to actually raise there voice. ( yea i wanna get one too, been watching this thing.)

    I'm a little scared of the story behind that nickname....I can see a very sad comic character with that nickname given to him/her by his family!!!!! AWWWWWWWW. :( I'm sure it comes with a story.

    Thank you very much for the info. I will check it out tonight. The $$ are worth it....it could literally save my life, my car, the guy in the saab...???? AND, now that WA has made it illegal to have the phone in your hand while driving....it will probably save me from getting pulled over a few times....man I have to stop telling you all this....You're going to find me on the kite field and try to collect all that I will now owe you!!! :lol: I have the 4000 minute plan for my phone..which is my work phone...and i constantly go over on the minutes...most of this is done while drivin.

    The funny thing is that I was against talking on the phone while driving for years.......very much against it......and then.

    Thanks again you ray of shining light....pillar of hope and profound influence on the world around you. :blink:


  5. Can't tell ya Skitch... It's top secret... stealth even ;)

    I don't know Ant......I'm smellin' custom colors here...but I doubt John will let them do customs yet.......BUT, I could be wrong!! You'll have to go break into the "Kite Safe" when he gets them and see what they are.

    Maybe he did a nice Perriwinkle or Mauve?


  6. Your are very right on that, so always make sure you keep those lower tips down using the lower lines when you do a tail landing.

    In a lake it is rather easy. In the ocean, if you aren't very careful the waves or back flow may push those tips up. In is easier flying perpendicular to the waves.

    Maybe you could rig little floaties on the leading and trailing edge....kinda like those "noodles" that kids play with in the pools...but a lot smaller. Then Ant could come up with some Quad Sticks with little pontoons on the tips. Then you could land on the water and take off from the water.....of course then you would not be able to do the cool tricks by sinking and taking off out of the water..... :lol:


  7. Yea safety first with the phone mr denny, and the wireless headsets are the way to go, they even have one on the market now that does military grade noise reduction, so even in hih wind it will work fine. and i allways support the second camera person idea. If you have a firend who is good with a camera get them out there watching.

    Hello you with low self esteem....ie. Nobodyspecial ;)

    Do you have any more info on those headsets you just referred to...."military grade noise reduction". I am on my phone ALL DAY LONG with my job...and usually in my vehicle which is pretty loud 4wd truck. I have been unable to use headsets because of the noice issues.....you may have just saved my life...or the guy in the car next to me. Please let me know if you know if the brand, model, company....anything. Thank you very much.


  8. pretty wild . what is the purpose of this . it looks like and old skoll version of the forum now :lol:

    Basically Ant .... it dops the site down to the basics. Less info, smaller size...makes it much faster for the slower connection...ie. dial-up. Or like Outsync said...for his mobile application. Get's rid of all the graphics, animation etc.

    Doesn't sound like you need it.


  9. Yeah, I watched one being sold at Wildwood!

    Im partial to the Jon Burkhardt yellow native masterpiece, except I already own a Randy Tom.

    If only I could afford another... Well I could if I didn't already have two REVs on order :P

    Keep rubbin' it in there Quad. Enjoy those new B Series when they arrive. What color did ya get?


  10. It's new, Scott Skinner Masterpiece. There are a couple different ones out there... But there is only two two-tone purple and yellows. The others are single color and grey. Each of those little squares were sewn, not airbrushed. It is impressive to look at it. The most costly masterpiece I have seen yet. Retail is $1000

    :huh: Holey Kite lines Quad Man.....$1000......wow. I should have known it was a Skinner design with the birds...now that you tell me it definitely looks like his stuff. Nice kite! Do you think they will sell many of them at that price????

    THanks for the info.


  11. In Wildwood we were a little over an hour from Philly... Home of the Philly cheesesteak :D

    I had one with iQuad and Jay on Saturday evening of Wildwood ;)

    If I make it out there....I'll buy and I'll drive....even if I have to rent a VAN........Hell....I'll even buy cheesesteaks for the entire team of Iquad!!!! Oh, and the BEER is on me. I'll probably stick with the real stuff and only have the sweet stuff with the sandwich.

    P :rolleyes:

  12. I guess I don't have pictures from "that Day"

    I have some video of like 7 flying together but haven't had time to compile it... ;)

    Maybe for a cheese steak on a hoagie I could get it done faster!


    Living on the West Coast...I would buy you, Ant and anyone else involved a Cheese Steak on a Hoagie if you would just take me to the place that makes the BEST in your area. Just cannot find them here like they do back there.

    ...of course there is Subway which is just great....if ya like more bun than meat and absolutely NO flavor.

    If you say yes....I am going to take you up on it next year if I go to Wildwood.


  13. Hmm...$1,200.00 and, did you say there are only 12 of them?

    I would be willing to release my UNIQUE AND ONLY ONE "TRIPLANE" for that kind of bread.

    These were made by Randy Thom...a long time ago. They might even have been the FIRST of what is now called the "MAsterpiece Series". I don't know my Rev history that well yet...especially when it comes to the customs...SO, I hope someone with a lot more knowlegde than I will chime in here.....John B., John M., ANYONE????

    They are pretty highly cherished...I know that the person that springs for this one will definitely be holding on to a piece of Rev history. Plus, you get a Nagel print to go along with it......The 80's should be coming back around any time now......


  14. The geese was a poor shot by me trying to do art. It was suppose to be swans. It was for my ballet in 1995 to the music Swan Lake.

    My neighbor who is an artist saw it and she redrew the swans for me which appear on a later REV I that I built.

    When I was at Silvaplana Lake that year I so happen to have the geese REV with me and flew it to look like they were swimming in the lake.

    So Yes, the picture was intentional.

    Sorry John...my bad. Your art is NOT bad...just my observation of water fowl. They are swans.....don't get to see many around here....but we do get a lot of geese!!!

    Nice looking kite and very apropos in the water.......


  15. Speaking of masterpiece... a little suprise turned up at the Frontier Kite Festival in Naperville last week.

    Courtesy of Al Sparling...



    It was sight to behold, and a joy to fly!

    If you REALLY, REALLY like that kite...Belassis just put one up for sale on the Kitelines Kite Classifieds...one of 12 made!!

    It too can be yours for the low, low price of $1200!!

    Check it out here....www.kite-classifieds.com/listing/196/Custom_made_Revolution_1.html

    Good luck.


  16. well my revs dont go in the shower i just take them out and sprey them good with my outdoor hose and all is good

    I'm sorry ANT....but I just don't believe ya. The way you talk about that Sainz kite....I bet you've had it not only in the shower but a few "other" places as well!!! :lol::D (It is an amazing kite.)


    (sorry folks...I don't know how to do that double quote thang)

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