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  1. My impression on rods is: If you get a race rod set then you are covered to the very lowest winds (1or2 nonvented; 4or5 vented) up thru the normal range for a 3 wrap. Above that you double stuff or go to 4 wrap. At the very highest it would be 4 wrap double stuffed with race or 3 wraps. So if this is case?? wouldn't best bargain be buy rev 1.5 with race rod set and have a spare 4 wrap LE. Use the race rods on verticals no matter what the wind. I don't think there is much strain on the verticals. This is just my speculation but it is based on the fact that Race Rods are strength of 3wrap at the weight of 2 wrap. If this is the case it should be the way 1.5's are kitted for sale. It would make things much simpler. I have some Race Rods on order so I have not tried the above out yet.
  2. Here is "moment in time" at Ocean Shores. Good thing my wife is a good sport. http://home-and-garden.webshots.com/photo/...082595361TjvmQy
  3. John This is great news. I will be there. This Rev is getting to be more and more fun every day.
  4. Pin sounds like a good thing to have available but maybe have one with a rounded blunt point. Then it would be more like a marlin spike ( I think that is what sailors ) This way you don't puncture the lines. I think they sell needles like that in sewing stores for carpets or some other types of heavy coarse weave materials.
  5. I could go for that one. I will check later for details.
  6. I found a solution to my concerns. If the 2 wrap slides just beyond the 3 wrap which has the end cap then the end of the 2 wrap is exposed if you land tip first. I do not like that. So I went to Ace and purchased some 1/4" thread protectors and put those on the end of the 2 wraps. Same solution on the bottoms of LE's on 2 lines. I tested today in about 12 to 15 mph winds and it worked fine and I was a little more at ease. Next in line is get a vented. Please don't tell my wife.
  7. Thank you Hector. I appreciate teaching videos like this. I applaud people like you, Rob, and RandyG and others who share their technique on a non commercial basis. This is one of the best things for kiting. Plus isn't it fun making videos. It is so easy to share.
  8. You could just buy a new set of LE's and presto you have a wanna be Barresi. The is whipped up pretty good and guess I will go try some rubber bands.
  9. I think I might have had a couple of hard landings. Most sessions I do experience at least one. I think I will try the tape. I will use about 3/8" wide 1" long on each side just to stabilize and then I will not land hard. See what happens.
  10. I was flying in a strong wind and had both 3 wrap and 2 wrap rods in my 1.5. I had the endcaps on the 3 wrap rod ends and the two wraps were held in by friction. This was working fine except the two wrap rods kept sliding becoming exposed past the end caps which of course makes them vulerable. Is there a way to keep the 2 wraps in place. Maybe take a wrap of tape around the the ends of the 2wrap and 3 wrap rod ends. There is about 3/4 inch of rod exposed so that would be easy. I like the way the kite flies with both rod sets in there but I am worried about messing up the 2 wrap ends. I know I should buy a vented. Tell my wife.
  11. I think Theresa will have to invest in an automatic 120 foot 4 line making machine. Been practicing and will be there.
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