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  1. Went to kitechat today. Bunch of people showed up. Fort Flyer, Aerochic, Brad, quaa, JB and Steve and couple of others. Good place to unwind a little and trade stories and maybe brag a little. I will be going back again.
  2. I enjoyed kitechat when it was being used. Met several flyers and traded some good stories and learned some things. In fact TeeCee showed up at my door to fly in 30 inches of snow from a chat on that room. It was good time but hard on a boy from down south. If it could get back to the critical mass and become active again, I would love to show up there a few times a week. Maybe it needs a keg of good beer on line at all times to get people there. We should setup a party for kitechat for some evening. Weather is getting bad in most areas so how about a mid november party on kitechat. I think a Saturday night would be good, but I am open to almost any night. If a bunch showed up and maybe if it were duplicated a couple of times then the chat room would reinvigorate. If not then John you should shoot it in the head an put it out of its misery.
  3. You look pretty intelligent to the non flyer when you go out to fly and check the wind with a meter. Then you scratch your hear or anything handy. Check the wind again. Pull out a kite, put it back, pull out another kite put it back and then finally pull out the kite you were going to fly in the first place. It does help to have a meter to calibrate the hair on the back of your neck but once that is done, they are for show.
  4. Hey Jim how did you get such a young bride. I am getting there. Have my Medicare card and it takes me about 3 hours in the morning to get all of the joints moving. I agree with Jim. I am sure it was kiting that Ponce de Leon was looking for. At least he was checking out the beachs. My goal for this year is to teach at least a couple of kids to fly Revs
  5. All together now Happy Birthday to You Happy Birthday to You Happy Birthday dear Geezer Happy Birthday to You I guess you get about 39 slaps on the backside
  6. Kite Kids showed me something like this in Long Beach. Maybe Jim will see this and post what it was.
  7. Watty I am planning on making an Indoor Rev 2 also. I intend to use .5 oz sail material and .75 oz le pocket. I am going to build it without venting. Should be able to add venting like and applique if I want it later. I will start with a race rod but might do something custom P90's if the kite is too heavy. I think REV 2 size is the right size for indoor. It will be less floaty so you might be able to do more with it. Lot more spins and it should axle like crazy. I played with REV 2 in light winds on short lines and I there is some real potential. Keep me informed on your progress and I will do likewise.
  8. My wife and I will be there. Hope there will be some wind and the weather as good as it was today. It would be nice to get some more multi rev chaos before I head back to Colorado.
  9. Watty I really enjoyed your indoor again. My humble opinion is that you might be the best or second best indoor rev flyer now. I can't wait until next year to see your progress at WSIKF. The change from 2007 to 2008 is unreal. Hope you can make to the indoor comps at Camus so you can get a league ranking that you deserve. I had a many fun times at WSIKF with you and the rest of the REV flyers. It was so much fun that we forgot to come in from the rain. Didn't matter we had fun. Say hi to grandma. See ya next year.
  10. Great job on the videos. Trying to figure who was in the line. Jim Foster Calling John Farrell Lyn Foster Then I get lost. Can anybody fill in
  11. I had the same problem with my 1.5 SLE that is Red White and Blue. The only fabric to get the holes was the red. When you compare it to the other fabric it seems more sheer. I put Tedlar Tape on the hole and that has stablized the problem. I asked REV about it and they said I was flying in too high winds??? Well anyway I love my RWB Rev and now that I have a Vent I don't fly my standard in winds over 10 mph.
  12. What I am using is Windows Movie Maker which comes with XP. I capture the video directly from the camera which is a 7 year old Sony. I think most cameras are compatible with the capture feature. Once it is captured you can then work with it in WMM. This seems to have enough capability without getting too fussy. It also allows the project to be rendered into many different format for different qualities and sizes.
  13. I had a woman use foul language and call me a body part just last Thurs because i yelled at her dog who was charging my kite as it was on the ground. She just could not understand how someone could be unnice to her little pooch which I think was a female dog (the dog that is). I have been a dog person earlier in my life and I now am remorseful and apologize for that. I truly sympathize with you Ant. Lost one kite last year to two dogs but I was lucky and the owner of one of the dogs bought the destroyed kite from for the price of a new one so it all came out well. It blew her mind when saw that this was not a Walmart $10 kite. But she did turn out to be a very nice lady. I am sure at some point though I will have a bad experience with a dog owner. I still think the only solution is a huge tax on dogs to pay for enforcement of rules and laws concerning dogs. Probably should also force dog owners to carry a liability insurance policy same as we force a driver to liability on their auto. Hope you have better luck in the future.
  14. Happy Birthday Jim Closer and Closer to WSIKF John
  15. This is am sure a repetitive motion type of injury. Usually the best solution is to stop doing the motion and do something else. There should be a consumer warning about this on Rev instructions. Flyer should be aware that repetitive motion injury is possible when using this product. It is recommended that the flyer stop every 30 minutes and do something else for 12 minutes. Recommend opening the cooler, taking out a high quality beer where use of church key is necessary. Open top and sit back in lawn chair and sip the cool suds for about 12 minutes. PS for you Brits: We drink our beer cold. Using the above routine you will avoid uneccessary pain and always have a smile on your face. If underage have a Twinkie.
  16. Jan was the Dacron put on where you fold the kite for storage? It is ashame that this is not solved because it does show up on a lot kites and it is frustrating. I really think it is a problem that can be solved. The Rev is a very rugged kite except for that.
  17. Great idea but why not expand it to a week long kite cruise. That might make it more feasible. Lot of SL kiters might be interested in this.
  18. If you were going to make a playground in a park for Revs this is what it would look like. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aDx6bgZ7CxE The only problem is the gulls like to color the stones. This is at Fossil Creek Park in Fort Collins where I have to fly.
  19. This is the second time i have had a rev where the mesh splits where you bend it for storage. It seems the mesh is more brittle than the dacron and eventually splits where it is sewn to the LE pocket. What I did for a repair is take a 2 inch long piece of dacron and sewed it over the split which is about 1/2 inch long. Sewed it zigzag along LE pocket and along the sail material hem. Then vertical straight stitch throught the mesh. Hopefully this captures the mesh. I think this will prevent further spliting of the mesh and I also think such a small amount of dacron will not affect the aerodynamics of the kite. This would seem like a logical solution to problem with Revs. The first kite I experience the problem on was REV 2 and the whole top of the mesh split out. I think there is a lot of tensile force on that seam so if there is a small split it will eventually grow big. Would even seem logical for REV to put dacron strips where you bend the sail for storage. Little extra labor but might fix a weak point.
  20. I like to practice on short lines. You really get the feel of the kite. I learn alot about control on short lines. It also quickens your reflexs.
  21. This is me with a friends grand daughter. She is 7 years old and took quickly to a REV. Funny how fast a kid can learn. She took the kite to the top of the window and was flying back and forth on the first try. It took me hours to get to that point.
  22. Were those mylar Rev's? That was very nice but it sure looked like a lot of work to keep them flying. I would love to see something like that in person.
  23. Well Monk then it wasn't cold. Cold is below 20 F wind over 15 and at least 20 inches of snow on the ground. You must wear your snow shoes and get there with sled dogs. Welcome to the Rockies. Have a great Xmas or howver you celebrate. May the guy in the red suit treat you and all of IQuad well.
  24. Were you carrying ice drills to set your kite stakes.
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