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  1. When you crash you crash your hands are probably spread wide apart over your head. When I teach someone new I am tempted to tie their hands together. Set the kite in middle of window. Keep your palms touching and rotate your wrists back and maybe pull towards your chest. Don't even bother is there is little or no wind. Now if your lines are the same length your kite will go straight up. Go high in the window and rotate your wrists forward until it stops. Then make some very small wrist movements until you understand what is happening. Very small. If you crash remember the REV crash absorber bungees that take most of the shock. Get high so you a lot to work with. Wrists only. If when you take off you rotate over to the left then compensate a little with left wrist rotated back. To right the right wrist. Good luck. Like Jynx said it comes to you all of a sudden and the fun begins. It took me 4 sessions before I could keep it up. I was self taught so it can be done with some work.
  2. He (She) doesn't know his (her) upwind from his down wind. OK now up wind is when the wind is up from you and down wind is when the down from you or something.
  3. "It is good to be king"
  4. I find the best way to learn control is clock work. While working on clock work you are constantly changing the lift on the kite. I try to always get some clockwork practice in with 1/8's 1/4s and 1/2's cw and ccw. Concentration on holding the spot in the sky. It seems to train the neurons to automatically hold position no matter what the kite is doing. Also I find flying boxes and figure 8's backwards help a lot. They look pretty sloppy still but everytime I seem to get a better feel for holding the kite in position thru turns. There are certain turns that really tax the skills. I don't think you can think your way thru these. It is like thinking your way thru walking a balance beam. Something automatic has to take over. So training those auto skills so they are not on your mind seems to work for me.
  5. I have broken two outer LE spars. One on a rev 2 with supersonic crash into a rock. The other on a 1.5 SLE where the outer was not seated in the the center spar. My bad. On verticals I have had them pop out of the connectors under high wind conditions. Solution was tightening the bungees on the bottom. I wonder if the fracture doesn't occur is the bungees are to tight and do not have enough give. The give in the bungees is a wonderful feature in the REV. It takes most of the force unless it is too tight.
  6. OK perfect indoor kite. Fill those spars with helium or hydrogen. Just have to loop your music cause you will never land.
  7. Penny Get well. We are anxious to see ya this summer The Farrell's
  8. Anyone fly to Cirque du Soleil music. Afterall it is designed to go with motion. I find its tempo to be very "revolutionary" as opposed to "dualicious".
  9. Amy You, Dave, Mario, and Connor and all the rest better be saving your pennies and competing. We will be there.
  10. Whew I thought I was going to have to chew gum too.
  11. johnfarl

    Shop Talk

    As I understand this you would have more flex in the leading edge. So when you input to turn 90 you will get a big change in the LE but when you take force out it will straighten quickly. This would mean very snappy turns in light winds. That is good. Would it mean smaller inputs for each action. What would happen with an axle or flic flac. These seem to be the new got to do's for REV flyers. I think you need blind tests to see if there is really a difference. Set up two kites with 50 foot lines with Race Rods and this new rod setup. Each kite same color and have some flyers try to say which kite is doing what. I guess there would be no increase in lift since the weight is the same. Maybe you can get more drive but I am not sure how that would work.
  12. Great music for kite ballet. That team really used the music well. Great dsicipline.
  13. Ap;ril 25 at the foot of the Rockies 35 miles from Rocky Mountain National Park, Fort Collins, Colorado will be having its annual Kites In The Park. This will be a REV friendly gathering. Here is the info on this http://www.aka.kite.org/cal_dtl.php?event_no=4423. If you ever wanted to fly at a beautiful inland spot this is it. Send me a message if you want more details on our fest.
  14. Doing a REV II with race rods indoors. It is fun kite indoors. I think it is the right size for indoors. This is a homemade light weight version 1/2 RSN and light pockets and reinforcements.
  15. What no Spotted Dick. The only way to finish is Spotted Dick.
  16. Kind of like going to the Mexican Restaurant in Leicester Square. Do miss reading a newspaper through the grease and the print on the fish and the mushy peas on the side.
  17. The car wash scene in Cool Hand Luke was the hottest scene in movies ever.
  18. Not much of a movie buff but here goes Little Big Man Where's Papa Longest Day Wizzard of Oz Saving Private Ryan Hunt for Red October Forest Gump Rainman The Graduate Lord of the fly The orginal BW The Thing. First scary movie i ever saw. When i was about 6. I am still scared Hitchcock stuff Star Wars Stuff (the first ones not thes prequils) But absolutely Little Big Man was my favorite. It was historical. I fish the Big Horn river and have hung around that part of the country. Dustin Hoffman was great in that movie. Never did like George Custer.
  19. I have been using RR up to about 15 in the vented. Then I go to 4wrap. It seems to work fine. I am flying next to the mountains and winds are not steady so I like RR because it seems to handle a wide range. I use it up to about 10 to 12 on a non vented. So my kit is really just RR and 4 wrap now. I also made an indoor REV 2 and use the RR on that indoors. Have used them up 30 on the REV 2 at WSIKF last year. They sure seem tough for such a light rod set.
  20. Thanks for the bday greetings. I appreciate the thoughts. Litsong I did feel very relaxed today. It must have been that massage. Thank you friends.
  21. Please comment on this concept. I made a REV 2 for indoors. Using race rods and 1/2 oz sail material. Using B series handles. I have adjusted the lines so that when I am flying with the kite vertical in 360 all 4 lines are taunt. This way when I reverse I have immediate response. BTW I have never flown a REV Indoor so I have no experience indoors on REVs. Does this sound like the right balance between forward and reverse.
  22. You and your kite have aged well Mario. Must have been a great trip. Kites look great with natural back drops. Take Care
  23. Marty thanks for posting that article. Really enjoyed reading it. Wish I had read it 55 years ago. There is no doubt that practice works. There is no doubt that circumstances help. There is no doubt that inate ability works. There is no doubt that with given circumstances and given inate ability practice works and improves your skills. So the article focused on the few who achieved super skill and results, it still applies to everyone and it is what separates winners from losers in any field. That article would be good reading for any young person.
  24. To make it like the winds I am use to, use oscillating fans with random automatic on/off switch and variable speed
  25. I live in Colorado. I fly everyday all winter. typically 3 days a week indoor, then the other days outdoors. After a new snow with a nice breeze and a bright blue sky is the best time to fly all year long. The kite stands out on the white snow and the sky can be so blue that it gives you chills to see it up high. When you fly in winter the wind is at your back so if you dress right it is possible to fly down to about 20 in confort. I get off the field at least an hour before sunset and temps really drop. Clothes Usually jeans and heavy insulated boots, maybe long johns. Breatheable tee shirt with fleece sweater, fleece jacket with high neck. Ear jock, ear phones. In really cold weather I wear a Goretex wind breaker with hood. If it is snowing I wear a beaked hat. I am usually pretty warm. Light breatheable sports type gloves are good. Dress like you are going to ski or do another winter activity. Kites are beautiful in the snow and a little cold won't hurt you.
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