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  1. Hey JB It would be nice to have both forums the same. That just makes it easier for kiters. From a users point of view I don't see a need for a change but don't have any issues with the new Kitelife forum. Important items to me are spam less good crowd easy search new posts since last visit crisp easy to read layout I learned to fly on the forums. I learned what kites to buy. I learned setup and tuning. I even learned how to wind the stupid string on the winder. So these forums are very important and I appreciate yours and the rest of the crews dedication towards making a good forums. John
  2. Way too stiff. The should go back to the old bags. Nice soft flexible material.
  3. You can tell it is winter time in the Northern Hemisphere. I have been checking the anatomy of nats myself.
  4. I will be getting an Indoor Rev soon. I have been flying a REV 2 indoors on about 12 foot lines. Typically fly on a basketball court. Also fly at WSIKF which is a grade school size court. Would also mess around outside in the calm. So what length lines should I setup? I was thinking 15, 10 and something short. What is a practical short line length. With a big kite I want to be able axle. I would appreciate any advice. John
  5. Please do call. There is also indoors if the weather is not nice.
  6. Thanks for the wishes my good friends. John
  7. I agree. My first REV was REV 2. It took me several sessions to learn basic control. It was so fast and it required 5 to 6 mph winds to get decent lift. Did learn and it was fun. When I did get a 1.5 that seemed like a snap. Also taught my wife and a couple other people to fly on 1.5's. Took them about 20 minutes or less to get to the basic control level. I would start on a non vented 1.5 with race rods and go out on a day with 5 or 6 mph winds. That is ideal for learning IMHO. John PS now using REV 2 with Race rods indoors. Now that is a hoot.
  8. One of the considerations is the viewing screen. I bought a SONY DCR SX40 this summer. It is difficult to use for shooting kite video because in most outdoor conditions the sunlight overwhelms the screen. It was nice on the old clunkers that had an optical view finder that you could look through. Other than that it is a fine camera. Also go for wide angle capability. On occasions when I want to work from a tripod and am on 120 foot plus lines you have to get way back. So a very wide wide angle would be nice. I am not sure what mine is but it is something I would check if I were buying another. I have flash memory and internal memory. I use the flash for video and the internal for photos. Another good feature is I can slip in my pants pocket. Nice to just have it with you. My search right now is for editing software. I am using Window Movie Maker which has been fine but want to get fancy now. Split screen, editing picture quality, cropping and so on. Kiting and video just go together
  9. John What tuning do you do for light wind. It seems like a lot of people remove the braking but my impression is that you leave the braking in. My impression (especially for solo flying where you can move a lot) is that it is best to leave it balanced between forward and braking. Team which is almost all forward flying you might want to cheat toward a forward balance. What say you Master
  10. Re the problem with YT music here is the latest. http://www.techcrunch.com/2009/11/12/youtu...28TechCrunch%29 Looks like we will be able to go back on YT shortly but in a gaudy format. My plan is still to avoid WMG music just on principle.
  11. You and Lynn lead a rough life. I would be there but trailer is at the dealer for a couple of waranty items. Have fun on the beach while I am shovelling snow. John
  12. We will have to share notes on this next time we meet. Sooner the better. John
  13. T I did not trim it off, even though it was over sized. Started by sewing in sail edge first. Then set the LE pocket to give me the proper gap. There was some excess but not too much. This is hidden in the pocket and does not interfere with anything. I think this is better than trying to cut a precise 2 inch wide screen. Since I was using the double side tape to hold the screen to the dacron it was easy to get a good consistent vent size. Reccomend cutting about 2.25 inch width. You could go back do some trimming before closing pocket up. Conclusion is width of screen is not important as long as there is enough. John
  14. Just finished replacing the LE screen on my 1.5. That was a tough job. I decided to do it right and deconstructed the old screen took pictures and tried to follow the same sequence and build technique that REV uses. Took about 8 grueling hours but finally was success today. I think now I could do it in about 1 to 2 hours. There must 4500 stitches to remove. I am surprised no one has come up with a screen replacement service. I figure it would take a REV life up by double or triple. I am noticing that failure occurs after about 2 or 3 years. Probable if someone did it they should also replace the dacron connector between LE pocket and sail. I think it would be about 1 hour job after someone has done it a few times. Materials are about $10 so a 60 or 70 dollar repair if done well might sell. Too bad I am retired and by principle will not work. Anyway there will be some nice light winds here so I think I will go out and fly my reinvigorated REV. John
  15. Happy B Day Smitty. Hope you visit us at WSIKF again anounce hot tricks. John
  16. Right on. Whidbey is a very nice two days of kite flying. Really enjoyed it this year. Great weather, and great wind. We had a couple of hours of low wind and Saturday they were throwing teddy bears at the kids. There was never a time when you could not fly a kite. Another great feature this year was all the Cannucks. I think they always have more fun. The kid brigade was in full force too. There force was fully felt too. Brad, what a great feed on Friday. No doubt you live in one of the coolest spots on the face of the earth. Just don't go to far back in the back yard. That 100 foot cliff is very steep and deep. Till next year. John
  17. Brad We will be there. Let me know what we can bring and yes we need directions. See ya Friday. John & Mary Farrell
  18. T We will be there early afternoon on Friday.
  19. That is one of best pairs routines I have ever seen. The timing was excellent. The lines were great.
  20. It is so cool that so many people are travelling in for WSIKF. I really enjoyed all those East Coasters. I used to be one. I am all set for 2010. BTW if you have an RV and no kids and are an "ancient Rever" like me you might want to check out Peggs RV Park. it was only 35% occupied this year during the festival. It is a beach front property about 5 miles North. We also have a great day after party there on Monday after the festival.
  21. Jeff contact me. I will be back in Fort Collins about mid October.
  22. I was playing with this and I think you are right. I attempted 1/2 axle initiating with the LE vertical and the flatening the kite and then hiting it and then reversing. Kite then to go back to normal position and what did come out of it was unimpressive. Dual line cascade is impressive because you take through both vertical and flat attitudes. Cascading full axles is pretty neat and cool looking. We need more quad tricks. John
  23. Has anyone worked on doing a 1/2 axle or cascade with a rev. If you can axle you should be able to 1/2 axle and if you can 1/2 axle you should be able to cascade. It all has to be timing. I am not talking 1/2 turns but flat 1/2 turns. I might be too old to do this as it seems like you would have to move pretty quick.
  24. johnfarl


    I am in Long Beach now until after WSIKF. Was down at Bolstad Approach yesterday for the Sansations. The beach is huge this year. I think the depth is about 700 to 800 feet to the high tide line. I mean I had a hard time seeing the shelters for the waters edge. During low tides there is a huge pool of captured water. Think of the water fun with that. There will not be a dry REV on the field. I am picturing a big water show at low tide with about 30 REV's flying side side over this pool creating tip wakes and dives and explosive exits from the water. Monday is the best tide situation so get here for som fun on Monday. This is my 5th WSIKF and I think this is the most beach I have ever seen. John
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