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  1. Katrina I have used 4 wraps a lot in my vented. They kick in very nicely about 20mph. I have flown them in gusts up to 40 feel ok with them. John
  2. Numbers numbers snoobbers. Just try. I think everyone is different. You can probably fly a midvent down to 5 on 50 lb lines but it will be underpowered. Some people like that. You will have a sweet spot for each kite. I usually get my mid out about 6 or 7 cause I like the way I fly it. I will go up to about 14 or 15 then to full vent or switch to 3 wrap. I like my kites a little underpowered. But that is just me. John
  3. Take care Ben. Hope someone is taking care of you and that you heal fast. Enjoyed our time discussing things in Seaside. John and Mary
  4. A suggestion would be to get good size space/field. Launch the kite downwind and keep stepping backwards at about 1 to 2 mph (easy pace) and then fly the kite in the middle half of the window. If the wind is 2 then by backing straight down wind you have about 4. This will give you the feel. Then start playing moving out of the window. Then work yourself to a 360 remember always move down the line of the lines. I find low wind technique is getting to know the correct feel through the lines. As you get better you will start slowing down and not running. Watch some Scott Weider indoor video and you will see. Same principles apply. The Zen is no magic kite. It has a little more lift but you still need to learn to keep pressure on the sail.
  5. Congrats Smitty. It was great fun.
  6. Right on. I found one the other day on my Race Rods. There must be an oxidation of the glue. This is also a need to carry a little super glue to make field repairs. John
  7. Scott I think the only damage that could be done would be to the overhead electrical fixtures. I think there could be a nice video put together on this. It would be be straightforward and would show kites as a legitimate use of a rec facillity. Kiting is a sport the same way cheerleading now is and definately in a similar category as floor exercises in gymnastics. There is an excellent benefit to the cardio system in kite flying. I will work on a video when I return home. John
  8. Theresa at The Kite Shoppe. I have gotten most of my linesets from her and never have had to adjust lengths. She prestretches and and ties off with quality. Plus she is just a cool lady. John
  9. I have had a Zen for a few weeks now. Been flying inland in Colorado at 5000 feet. I have been flying the Zen much more than my 1.5's. I find it very nice on 30 foot lines in low wind. More of a street flying style. I never tried my Indoor outside, I like the Zen for that because if a gust comes up the Zen handles it well. The Indoor has much more float and lot less inertia. Catches are not easy with the Zen. I am still not sure I will use the Zen for competition. I don't like its turns. It is hard to snap turn. I have not done a decent flick much lest a flack. When trying to move the Zen to a snappy beat in ballet it is not that responsive as compared to 1.5. There is a tendency to oversteer. That will be overcome with practice. I love the way it looks. I got the Mardi Gras colors with lime verticals. It looks brilliant in the sky with back light. It has great presence. Loves to fly backwards, and loves to axle. Multi Axles and cascading axles are very easy. Strong things. Street Flying Looks Axles Weak Turns precision and up tempo ballet. John
  10. I know Scotty encouraged and supported Connor. These kiting guys we coming along are really worth our investment of help and ecounragement. Just think how gutsy Connor was. Also he was really calm cool and very collected. Probably good thing he could not see the millions of people watching him thru those cameras. What fun watching the judges. From well what is is this all about to hmmmm interesting, to wow I am feeling good, to this is really entertaining. Connor really did a job on them. Thru grit and grace. John
  11. Connor did more for kite flying than anyone. He really blew them away. Look at the comments on YouTube and you see that people are wowed by this. Way to go Connor. John
  12. That was the first time someone had the guts (courage in case you don't understand proper american) to try this in this environment. Probably some good lessons learned. Now that you have learned a little (wee little) you might have the hutspa to give it a try. Or maybe some young kid might beat you to it; keep watching.
  13. Anyone going comercial with leading edge mesh repair service. Just an idea for someone with sewing and stitch cutting talent. Expected life of le mesh is about 2 years. Number of REVS lots. John
  14. I want to thank the kiting family for all the support. Things are looking pretty good. I am heading into the mode of watching and being careful. There are still a few more doctor visits and finish up on some plastic surgeon. Yes I have a plastic surgeon. It is looking pretty good for us making it to Washington for WSIKF, Summer Heat and all the rest of the fun events. So I am really looking forward to seeing all the REVers. We will be staying until AKA. And yes I could feel all the good vibrations coming from kiters. Thanks John
  15. Lam Hoac flies a 1.5 indoors. No bridle of course. Direct connect. But then Lam thinks and probably can fly a vented indoors.
  16. Definately try number one. I did major damage to an indoor kite with a badly frayed tear, not as long as yours but very ugly. Theresa had me do the above technique and 4 years later I am still flying that kite.
  17. I replaced the screen on couple of my kites. Got the screening from The Kite Shoppe. It is the same screening as what rev uses. She could sell you about 10 or 12 inch wide strip that is long enough for the kite. The job takes about 4 hours. I used sewing glue to hold the new screen in place before sewing. Not too difficult but takes a lot of patience. There are alot of stitches to rip out. Get yourself a good stitch ripping tool and take your time. It would be very easy to puncture your sail. John
  18. Very nice. If you want someone to fly that kite on this side of the pond send it to me. I would proudly fly it. John
  19. Miss you guys. WSIKF is getting closer. Take care John
  20. May 1, will be the date the 3rd Annual kite festival in Fort Collins, CO. This will be a very REV friendly festival. Contact me if you would like additional information or would like to participate. John
  21. I live in Fort Collins and fly everyday no matter the weather. Might be indoors but I fly. There is not much of an organized club here but there are some flyers. So contact me with a message and we will see about getting together to fly. I heard through Robin M that you are a REV flyer. That is fine I do that too. John
  22. JB You list looks good. In the advanced I think there is a need for something about moving the kite with LE held at angle and being up. More precisely the motions in the Roman Numberal X in compulsories. That is one of the hardest manuevers I have encountered. Side sliding high in the window at an angle seems impossible. I also think side sliding period LE up is fairly difficult. The problem is getting the motion. John
  23. A good way to improve your 1.5 precision and smoothness is to fly a II. When you get precise and smooth on a II a 1.5 is a snap. Clock work on a II is a thing to master.
  24. I think a non vented REV 2 is great in a 30 mph wind. Probably clocked at 70 mph. If you don't want fast don't fly a REV 2. It is a great fast high wind kite without vents. Use long lines and you will have a blast.
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